China A video of a glass bridge walkway cracking under a man’s weight went viral


Glass Bridge Cracks in China Video Went Viral in Social media this incident happen when a tourist walking on the East Taiheng Glasswalk in North China‘s Hubei province, tourists got the shock of their life when the glass panels appeared to break under their weight. The glass path hangs 1,180 metres (3,871 feet) above sea level, with a direct view of the drop down, according to a report on Mashable.

Now, the video has turned out to be bogus. The fright was fake.In a very cruel prank, special effects were added to that glass panels that appeared as shattering as tourists walked on it, scaring them to death.So it wasn’t glass really breaking, it just looks and sounds like it.

Though the officials says they are “very sorry that people got frightened”, it doesn’t intend to replace those shattered panels with regular ones, because they hope people will want to come and experience them.Would you dare to walk on a walkway this scary?

However, fears about the safety of the bridge aren’t completely uncalled for as a similar glass-bottomed bridge in China’s Henan province saw one of its glass panel crack after someone dropped a stainless steel cup on it, said reports.

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