Zakir Naik to be Investigated by India’s Intelligence Agency


There has been a great amount of violence in Dhaka during the Last week where few militants attacked a cafe. While that ended, a new controversy started against the controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. Two of the five militants responsible for last week’s terror attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh said that they were inspired by Zakir Naik’s speeches. This made the Bangladesh’s government ask for the help of Indian Government to take action against Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik’s Speeches Under Probe:

The Maharashtra government on Thursday ordered a probe into Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s speeches. They were reported to have inspired some of the Dhaka attackers while the Centre said “appropriate action” would be taken against him.

While this is going on, Zakir Naik is facing criticism from all round the corner. He now says that he never supported terrorists. This topic is trending in social networks and there was a huge amount of flak against Zakir Naik from many people.

In October 2008, a two-day programme by Naik’s IRF at the Azam Campus ground in Pune Camp. It became controversial after “religious conversions” took place at the venue. Pune police are taking a closer look at the 2008 event to find out any other clues.