Upcoming Kia Cars in India 2022

Upcoming Kia Cars in India

The stylish Kia car is really mesmerizing the eye of every individual. Not just the look, besides the performance, is truly amazing. Being the no.1 best car in India Kia becoming the leader in the automotive industry in a span of the shortest period. Now people all over India experiencing cars of different models. While comparing with the top 10 cars in India, Kia made the attention of millions of hearts.

Which model in Kia is the best and which one can buy for the best rate. Likewise, you will be having a lot of questions to ask yourself before you purchase your dream car. Every time, Kia is upgrading their current versions and the new innovative preparation of upcoming cars models are performing. In 2021, many of us experienced different models such as Kia Seltos, Kia Sonet and even Kia Carnival. Let us see what all are the Upcoming Kia Cars in India 2022.

Upcoming Kia Cars in India 2022

2021 was amazing with Kia and 2022 will going to be more than that with brand new models.

Kia Ceed – Expecting the launch on Nov 2021. This comes in a cost of around 9 lakhs with additional features finds surprising experiencing to the users.
Kia Sportage – Launching on April 10, 2022, with a new stunning and elegant look. Cost around 25 lakhs and more as per taxation.
Also, there is a new Variant in Kia 2021 model such as
Kia Seltos 7-Seater – This is expecting to launch on Jan 15, 2022, as per the latest update and cost nearly 12 lakh and more, on-road price varies.
Kia Carnival 2022 – One of the top-rated car models with the price nearly comes 26 lakhs and more. Expecting its launch on March 15, 2022.

For those who looking for cars below 30 lakhs, Cars below 20 lakhs, and for those who cars below 10 lakhs. Everything has solutions with Kia and now all over India, Kia is providing the best quality services at low cost.

Are there Limited Edition Cars in Kia models?

Yes, obviously, customers all over India can able to experience Limited Edition Car models. Furthermore, there will be a change in the pricing and also, some changes in its design.  For more information, you can find Kia’s nearest showroom in your place. There were many questions you might come across –

  • Can I able to buy a Kia car for No EMI?
  • How much EMI should I pay per month for the Kia cars in India?
  • If I purchase today, when will I get the car for delivery?
  • How much comes the service costs each year or twice a year?
  • Does Kia provides free services and if yes, how many years?

Likewise, you will have many questions that will come across. Speak with the executive from the nearby store of Kia and buy the most affordable and safe Kia cars in India. If you are waiting for the new models, try to make a comparison in terms of pricing, petrol/diesel and other specs that finds interesting as per your concern.

Wrapping it up!

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