How to Clear Google Adwords Fundamentals

how to clear google adwords fundamentals

How to clear google adwords fundamentals –13 tips to get certified in AdWords

Getting the official Google AdWords certification can be a challenge for some; But it can open you work doors. To achieve this, you need to pass at least two exams, the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam and any of the other five that exist:

  • Search based advertising
  • Graphic advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile advertising

To learn how to manage campaigns, it is important to consider some points related to both the exam and your general knowledge of the subject.

In this article I will give you some tips that will help you in your learning process and when presenting the  certification exams.

How to clear Google Adwords Fundamentals

1.  120 questions in 120 minutes. That’s what certification exams consist of.

That is, one minute per question. Read each one carefully and answer everything you can. If you have any questions, mark it and return to it at the end. Do not waste time.

2. Access Google Partners . With this you will have access to Google exams and study material . You will have two hours to answer any exam; but you must take into account that the number of questions and percentage with which it must be approved changes with each one.

3. Your knowledge at the moment of starting to present the exams must include the DisplayNetwork and the Search Network . The fundamentals exam has questions from the 2 networks .

4. To master the subject and pass the other exams, you can – and should – practice within the AdWords interface . Some of the questions are directly related to its use and optimization .

5. As you understand the theory, I recommend doing practical exercises . In this way, you will begin to locate yourself in the interface and you will quickly identify the location of each link or concept that you learn.

6. Organizing your time and studying for exams can help you. Keep in mind that in the  Google AdWords Course we will help you do this and give you a lot of the content you need to present and pass the tests.

7. Organize what you learn, acronyms and other concepts; It can help you process all this information. Take notes and study them until you understand them 100%

8. Be clear that many of the exam questions are tricky questions ; And if you don’t read well, you can be wrong. Remember, you have two hours to take each exam. Take your time and read each question and answer calmly.

9. Presenting the exam can help you and give you greater security; regardless of whether you approved it or not. If not, you can try every 8 days .

10. Read a lot about it. There are many blogs and YouTube channels that have all the information you may need. Pay special attention to Google Support and the AdWords community .

11. Keep reading. This is a topic that tends to change continuously and the knowledge you acquired at the beginning may become obsolete very quickly.

12. Talk, share your knowledge and clarify doubts with people who are already certified and work on this. You can get many more tips from those who live their day-to-day life within the Google AdWords interface. This will help you both to improve campaign assembly times, and for optimization processes.

13. Remember that everything in Google AdWords is measured . Take a chance and try different ideas in your campaigns. With constant monitoring you can find the best practices for your audience.

In the AdWords course in Digital Brolly  we will guide you step by step in your certification. You will learn everything from how to create ads, publish and optimize them to effectively convert clicks into

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