How To Be An Influencer

How To Be An Influencer :

The influencer or influencer is nothing more than a public person who has the ability to influence the purchasing decision of consumers by prescribing products or services and to create currents of opinion or trends.

The marketing of influence has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century. Brands already used famous people, actors or actresses to advertise the benefits of their products and thus increase their sales, credibility and reputation.

However, it wasn’t until about five years ago that the true explosion of influencer marketing occurred . At that time, social networks created a new showcase where people could demonstrate their knowledge about a certain sector or show products in exchange for visibility. There was then a professionalization of this sector thanks to those social networks, first YouTube and now, especially, Instagram.

The way of consuming content has changed and brands know it. Hence, today 58% of professionals have already contracted the services in social networks of influencers  and 87% are quite satisfied with the actions they have carried out according to data from the latest IAB social media study.

Agencies that represent this type of professionals proliferate and act as intermediaries with companies that wish to contract their services so that they are prescribers of their experiences, products or brands.



If your dream is to become a public figure, that companies pay you to advertise their products or that they invite you to parties and events, you must know that the path to become a recognized and credible influencer is a long one. It is key that you meet a series of requirements to be a good influencer. We will tell you.

  • Set yourself a goal . Before you open a Facebook or Instagram account and start sharing content, you must establish a strategy. Ask yourself what are your objectives and what are your differential features, your value proposition and build your strategy on it. Defining a style and a theme on your social networks is basic. Ask yourself what you know how to do and what you are good at and show it to the world in a pleasant and careful way.
  • Create valuable content. It is vitally important that you offer careful content that adds value. We refer to taking quality photographs, originals, well-edited videos or texts that connect with your followers and your audience. You do not need to be an expert professional but you do have some knowledge of photography, video, copywriting and some social media tools.
  • Be authentic. Don’t try to imitate the rest of the influencers. It is important that you find your own style and that you are authentic. Humanizing your Instagram or Facebook account is important, so we recommend that you make yourself known and become an accessible and open person to your followers.
  • Take care of your followers . Quality must always take precedence over quantity. So keep in mind that your followers will interact with you if you offer them something different and, above all, if they feel part of a community. Always try to respond to all their messages and comments and offer them a resource or gift from time to time.
  • Train to improve. Working as an influencer involves constant training in the field of digital marketing . You must be aware of the latest trends and news on social networks, work with tools that increase your visibility and achieve results. If you control the channels and the medium in which you work you will have greater credibility.
  • Make the brands find you. Do not contact the brands directly. Using this technique can backfire. If you have quality and valuable content you will end up attracting the interest of many brands. Choose those that are aligned with your principles and that are in line with your tastes and interests. The public will believe and buy a product before you promote as long as it is not forced. If you want to contact the brands, do so with a portfolio of your work and a good cover letter as well as statistical data on your ability to reach. Offer them a value proposition.
  • Don’t buy followers. There are numerous platforms to get followers but it is not a recommended system. They will only be a number but they will not contribute anything to you. Do not obsess over the number of followers or likes. The important thing is that they are quality followers who interact, comment on your posts and create conversation. It is useless to open an account to publish your content and only get likes. The number of followers is not so vital. In fact, the figure of It is highly valued It is about influencers with less scope or less volume of followers. They reach a smaller audience but are more credible, humanize the brand and generate more trust because advertising is more focused and less intrusive.
  • Do not give up. Being an influencer and living from it is a long road that involves time and dedication. The results are slow to come, so if you expect guaranteed and quick success, it is better to choose another profession. If you work on your content and are patient and above all add differential value, you will come to position yourself and you can live from this.


That of influencer is a very recent profession and as such there is no formal training to carry out this work. Since last year, however, you can study an influencer course taught by the Autonomous University of Madrid. In addition, other specific training courses aimed at these professionals have begun to proliferate. Fundamentally on-site or online courses in a training center.

If you want to become part of the influencer world, it is advisable that you also train before with studies related to digital marketing, advertising and public relations and communication . Here you will learn strategies and tools to create good audiovisual content, to establish personal branding and create a quality brand. In addition, you will acquire skills to manage social networks, create engagement with your audience, take advantage of and analyze the results of your advertising campaigns and provide improvement strategies.


In addition to the most official training you can train on your own by being self-taught. There is a wide range of online resources related to managing social networks that will help you become an influencer. Free tutorials, webinars, videos, ebooks can help you focus your career in this sector.

There are also professionals who can do the most technical work for you, such as community managers , photographers … but it is always recommended that you have training in the field of digital marketing. In addition, we advise you to train in business skills since to manage your own brand you must know how to negotiate with suppliers or with other brands.

When your number of followers and reach grows enough, you can consider hiring an influencer representation agency to manage your presence and promotional work. They will help you better focus your collaborations and create and maintain a brand according to your values.


In addition to specialized training in the sector to be an influencer and work as such, you must have certain skills and competences that will help you succeed.

  • Communication skills and ability to transmit ideas clearly.
  • Creative ability and vision to generate new, original content that creates an impact or creates a need to buy.
  • Ability to establish conversations and create a strong and cohesive community around you on social networks.
  • Knowledge of online advertising and social media campaigns.
  • Possess a business and strategic vision that helps you attract clients and develop a personal brand that you can monetize.

As you can see, being an influencer requires knowledge and above all attitude, but it is an exciting way if you like social networks and public relations. Get trained to turn your passion into your work. At Campus Training we can guide you.


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