Party Puzzle: What Costume Best Describes 2021?

Costume Best Describes 2021

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment: 2020, and leading into 2021, was a period of time that many of us wish we could erase from our memories. With many of us struggling to make it through the up’s and down’s over the last year and a half, we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And with the warmer months and holidays within arm’s reach, many individuals are thinking of how to turn this chaotic situation into something that brings joy and laughter. If you’re thinking of choosing a costume that perfectly conceptualizes life in 2021, here’s what to consider.

The COVID-19 Virus

When Halloween and the holiday season rolls around in the upcoming months, dressing up like the Coronavirus is the perfect costume to get a quick laugh from your friends, family and co-workers. Since many of us have feared negative news concerning this virus, utilizing the molecular formation of the strain in your costume design will take the edge off this pandemic and put everyone in a good mood.

The Remote Worker

With estimates stating that 1 in 4 workers within the United States relies on remote work to pay their bills, making a costume related to their at-home attire would be hysterical! And if you’re one of the individuals who work from home regularly, you know how relaxed and comfortable your work-related outfit can be.

For many of us, we put on a nice shirt, comb our hair and jump onto Zoom for our daily meeting. However, we’re still wearing pajama pants from last week that are covered in Cheeto dust and soy sauce from our Asian-food addiction.

This holiday season, slap on some pajamas, dig out a day-old t-shirt, put a wireless headset on and place a patch on your arm that says “remote worker.” Before you know it, your friends and family will keel over from laughing so hard!

Hand Sanitizer

We’re pretty sure if a doctor were to take a sample of our blood in the last year and a half, it would have consisted of at least 20% hand sanitizer. All joking aside, dressing up as a giant bottle of hand sanitizer is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to sum up the last year perfectly.

And if you want to get extra creative, you can dress up your young children as small, “on-the-go” sanitizer bottles. When you get your entire family involved in some lighthearted fun, everyone appreciates your efforts. Be the center of your next party with this germ-eliminating costume idea.

The Health-Conscious Monster

A funny addition to your scary or villain-themed costume is to throw a mask over the mouth and nose area. When you pass your friends and family members at the party, you can say to them, “I may be a monster, but at least I’m trying to promote better health habits!”

This funny costume will garner tons of attention and laughs from everyone around you. And better yet, this costume highlights the struggles many of us dealt with in the past year and a half. From ever-changing mask mandates and regulations, 2021 has been a confusing roller coaster of emotions!

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

If there’s one piece of wisdom we can extract from the events leading up to 2021, it’s that we need to take each day in stride. We know that times can be challenging and confusing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of our situations. So, check in with your best online costume store, pick a fun costume, and get ready to party. When we come together to share laughs and good times with one another, we begin to heal the wounds and pain from the past year’s events.

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