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Best SEO in tools 2019

You should have SEO tools because they can help you to better define your digital marketing strategy.Currently, there is a wide range of tools that you can use in your strategy. As you know, in most cases SEO tools can be both free and paid . But, in addition, you must know perfectly the purpose of each tool:

  • Know the number of searches of a keyword.
  • Know precisely the positions of the keywords.
  • Perform OnSite analysis of a website.

Now you are ready to know our selectionof the different types of SEO tools.

Suites: multitask SEO tools

SEO tool suites are those that offer all kinds of functionalities that other specific tools can offer you.



This tool is paid, specifically, from 99 euros per month. It is one of the last tools that have arrived but that many professionals are choosing to use it. The main functionality is that it allows you to analyze texts in real time or urls analysis.



Another SEO tool that is also paid and you can enjoy it from $ 99 per month (just over € 86). You should choose this tool to analyze the competition data, keyword analysis or know how the traffic of each domain has evolved. Semrush is an increasingly complete tool because in each update it adds a new functionality that makes our work easier. It is a safe bet!


It has a cost of 100 euros per module in a single language. The main strength of this tool is the visibility index graph to fully know the automatic or manual penalties. Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete tools you can use.



It can be yours from $ 99 per month (just over € 86). Like the rest of SEO tools it is very versatile because you can analyze the ranking in search engines, on-site analysis of your website and link analysis. of the competition as well as know the reputation in social networks.

Google Search Console

Google Search console

You were waiting for it, the first free tool. Yes, you should pay absolutely nothing to use it. With this tool you will have information on how Google sees your Web , appearance data and clicks on Google search results. Now you can perform a comprehensive data analysis.

SEO tools to analyze Keywords

SEO keyword tools allow you to perform a keyword analysis as well as the possible searches that word can have in the search engine. In this case, do not worry if they are paid since we have included tools that are mostly free.

Google Keyword Planner

Another Google tool. We could say that it is free but it is not so at all. The reason is that if you do not make investment in Google Ads you will only have access to ranges of search numbers of a certain keyword. On the other hand, when you invest in Google Ads you will be able to see the average number of searches of a keyword by providing you with ideas and competitionbetween the different words.

It includes different plans from $ 48 per month to $ 88 per month. A great alternative to Google Keyword Planner if you don’t have a Google Ads account. The great functionality of is that it shows different related terms in a single query . In addition, you can know related searches in other search engines such as: Youtube, Amazon, Ebay or App Store . This may interest you if you do SEO on these platforms.

Google Trends

Another free tool, happy? In this case you will know if the word you have thought is fashionable and perform an analysis with other similar words.

Answer the public

In this case it is a fremium tool, that is, it has free features and a basic monthly payment plan of $ 99. This SEO tool can be used for long tail keyword searches.


Wordtracker is a keyword analysis tool that is also fremium. It has plans starting at $ 27 per month. The operation of this tool consists in the introduction of a keyword and provides you with a list of related words..

But not only that but you will have data as in the rest of the keyword search volume tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and tells you everything that happens on your website and the user does . Traffic, sessions, session time, conversions, landing pages … You should have it installed on your website!

 seo tools google analytics

Screaming frog

This free tool is undoubtedly one of the most complete for all the data it provides you such as broken links, duplicate content, external links , indexing errors, it is very complete!


Also free, what luck! Xenu is a great crawler tool that tracks a website and provides data on it including broken links on your website .

Server Density

Would you like to be informed when your server becomes saturated? Well, this is the tool that will alert you when this happens. The great advantage is that you can try it for free for 14 days and then have different plans depending on the servers you include. Try it!

Google Pagespeed

It’s free! Surely you have heard about it but basically it informs you of the improvements you can make so that your page goes at the speed of light.

SEO Browser

A tool that helps you in SEO On Page and for free. This tool highlights the most important elements of a page such as the number of words or how the page is displayed without design , among others. Try it, it costs nothing!

SEO tools for Linkbuilding

If you do SEO you can not miss the link building SEO tools . As you know, the link building is the part that works the links in the SEO , that is, those tools that focus on analyzing the links (mainly external) in order to help us improve the SEO positioning of a website.

Next, we have made a selection of the tools you should count on to keep in mind what text they link to (anchor text) and which pages of your site are the ones that get the most links.


It is a payment tool starting at $ 99 and is essential for the link building. Since among other features we can highlight:

  • Know the links we receive .
  • Know the text with which they link us (anchor text).
  • The most linked pages of a site.

The use of this tool is highly recommended to have all links under control: both ours and those of the competition .


Another tool that can be attractive because it is free and provides data on links is OpenLinkProfiler.

It is a good alternative to Ahrefs, it informs about the number of links that point to our website or the number of domains that link, among other features. We encourage you to try it!

Way to complete SEO tools: Plugins

The perfect way to complete SEO tools is to use plugins in the different browsers that will also facilitate the task of analyzingyour website or competition.

Tag Assistant

It is an extension of Google Chrome that tells us if the tags on a website are well implemented . Some tags that you verify are those of:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adwords Conversion
  • Remarketing Tracking
  • Floodlight

In addition, it provides us with a report to correct the errors.

Google Analytics Debugger

An extension that may interest you is Google Analytics Debugger. Basically it is a debugger of the javascript analytics code through a ga_debug.js .

Once the extension is activated, you will know if the configuration of the Analytics tracking code is correct, as well as the information reported by Analytics on each website.


It is another very important plugin and if you did not know you are taking it to install it. Its main functionality is that it informs you about the reasons why the competition positions and thus begin to perform an analysis at the on-page level.


In this post we have collected the best SEO suite tools, for keyword analysis, on-site analysis and plug-ins.

Watch out for the following posts and discover everything about SEO!


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