Facebook Sponsored vs Google Ads – What’s Best For You?

Facebook Sponsored vs Google Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are advertising platforms used in online marketing strategy. Identifying your business goals and developing marketing strategies to achieve them is very much important to sustain in today’s digital world.  Knowledge about the different online ad campaigns is necessary to achieve the requisite goals, as all campaigns may not work well for every company in the same way. The slightest changes in the audiences targeted can make massive differences in the results.

In most circumstances, when choosing an online ad platform for a business,   there will be uncertainty about the best matching one. As digital marketing companies play a major role in online ads, one can approach them to identify the one suiting your business. Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala is advancing in the online sector in recent days to get your business to a higher level. What we all need is to test the platforms before starting advertising on larger budgets. A study of your potential customers and competitors may help you to develop strategies and find the best ad platforms that may support your marketing goals.

Google Ads

It is a paid advertising platform of Google that uses a bidding system for the advertisements made by the owner of e-commerce. These ads appear in the Google webpage search. When a user enters some queries through different words or phrases, Google will display the advertisements related to them. As these customers click on the particular advertisement, the payment would be initiated to the Google Ads users. The clicked advertisement directs the customer to the website of the e-commerce owner.

Facebook Sponsored

Facebook ads are targeted to audiences based on their place, demographic, and profile information.  Once creating a Facebook ad, you fix a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive.

Features of Google Ads and Facebook Sponsored Ads

  • Google Ads are best for brands, products, or services people are actively searching for, whereas Facebook Ads are best for advertising products or services a specific target audience is not certainly searching for, but mostly to be interested in.
  • Google searchers are specifically attempting to find something while Facebook users are shown ads based on their interests. Google presents a pull marketing strategy whereas Facebook is about brand awareness.
  • In Google, you match the search intent and will hopefully increase your click-through and conversion rates for your ads. But in Facebook Ads, While involved in their own business, watching videos or photos on Facebook, they happen to see your ad as it passes through their news stream. They are not searching for your product, but they still get exposed to your ad.
  • Facebook Ads are the best way to create awareness and interest in your product. Unless people know that you exist, they can’t be fascinated by what you have to sell and they won’t be checking out your product or brand. Its powerful targeting option lets you focus on users supported by a myriad of things like age, sex, interests, and more.
  • This targeting feature of Facebook often allows us to show ads to those people that fit only our targeting profile. It’s truly powerful and gives tons of control over the audience of our ads. With Google Ads, you bid on terms that permit you to focus on people at a selected place within the buying process. You will advertise a piece of writing about data analytics to people that search for “data analytics tips,” otherwise you would advertise your product to customers that look for the “best platform for data analytics.”
  • Both Facebook and Google ads feature the cost per click on their platform. On Google Ads, advertisers may spend quite $100 per click in really competitive industries, but on Facebook, you may pay as little as $0.25 per click counting on the CTR and pointing toward factors for your ad.
  • The value per click tends to be lower on Facebook Ads than on Google Ads. So, you are likely to pay less per click on Facebook in comparison with Google Ads. If the CPC (cost-per-click) is five times less on Facebook than it’s with Google Ads, the conversion in Google Ads will be a ten times higher rate.

Summing up

In this scenario, Google Ads may be a better advertising platform due to the value per acquisition. Facebook may be a great platform for several businesses because of the lower cost per click, but you usually need to observe the value per acquisition to understand where you’re getting the higher return. One can consult with any best performing company like Viral Mafia, who is dealing with digital ads to decide the best suited platform  As both are good advertising methods, one has to choose the better one depending on your business, budget, target audience, and your goals.

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