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google update

Google Update

As you know, Google updates its algorithm on a daily basis, making small changes that are barely noticeable. They do not usually notify of the changes since they do not consider it relevant, but in this month of June the thing changed, and it is that Google notified of an update of its algorithm. In this article about this Google update in June 2019, I will tell you what news it brings us and how it will affect the projects I am working on. Let’s go there.

What are Google updates?

As I said in the opening paragraph, Google is constantly updating its algorithms, but the big question is what they look for with these updates. The main objective is to improve the relevance and quality of search results, controlling everything related to the purchase of links, SPAM or duplicate content.

That main objective is gradually changing the direction, and that the latest updates are more focused on the quality level of the web, that is, it is more focused on SEO On page than on SEO off-page. Google is increasingly demanding with web pages, the great example is landing pages, elements that years ago were popular with very little content but that could position a lot of words, but that today are penalized.

The great algorithms are Penguin and Panda, which are part of the well-known Core of the algorithm, but they work constantly, they simply refresh the data. On the other side, we have manual updates, which are applied progressively in different countries, and these are the worries.

What did the June Google update mean?                               

This update will affect the channeling of keywords , this being its main function. Google will no longer show search results for the same domain, that is, if you were positioned for the search for “digital marketing agency in Gijón” and both your home and your specific page were shown, that will no longer happen. Another aspect is the correction of the update called “medical updated ” , named this way because it mainly affected the web pages of the health sector.

What do I do if I have been penalized for the new algorithm?

Visibility decreases are never due to a single factor, but to an accumulation of these . That is, if you have lost a lot of visibility it is because you have been doing bad SEO for a long time . If a clean SEO is done, without strange things, you will never be penalized, but of course, that is the complicated path.

If you see that your organic traffic has fallen, or that the visibility index of Sistrix, I talked about this powerful tool in the  article SEO by hem Chand Tunga , you just have to get down to work. You can hire a tool to make a deep analysis of your website, and external links, improve the content, structure … you have to be aware of the faults that your website has, it is the first way.

What to expect after this Google algorithm update?

After the June Google update, it will be logical to think that it will take us to see another great update, they have been two in this year 2019. What is clear is that the idea of ​​Google is clear, a quality web page, and above all, nothing of black SEO .

I hope you find the article interesting, and that it has not affected you negatively on your website or in your projects. If you think you can contribute more knowledge or information to this latest update, do not hesitate to comment.

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