McDonald’s new Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Brain Rice

McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading global foodservice. The company has a retail business with nearly 40,000 locations in over 100 countries.  It is also estimated that about 95% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are well operated. These are owned and operated by independent local business owners.

Brain Rice is appointed as the next Global  Chief Information Officer of McDonald’s corporation. He is following and serving the company’s global senior leadership team. He assures the company to continue the digital vision to new heights. He is a vocal champion with clear leadership skills.

Brain Rice worked in healthcare products and services from cardinal health. He established advanced platforms and a person with a unique blend of head, heart, and foresight. Besides he has also worked in senior leadership positions at Kellogg Company, General Motors, and Mars. He worked on innovation capability and did various reforms. He is an experienced person who worked with a high enterprise technology team that spans well-known brands. It includes Kellog company, Mars, General Motors, and cardinal health. He is the person for building new capabilities with a modernized technology system. He built up a strong foundation and elevated the role of digital in building relationships with customers to enhance overall growth. He secures a deep bench of talent and mentorship will be crucial.

He accomplishes the goal of becoming a perfect enterprise leader and delivering on accelerating the Arches strategy. He is also known for getting trained technology professionals.  These trained persons have gone on high and ranked as Cio’s of global companies. Nowadays, McDonald’s continues its best effort for achieving growth. Besides high inflation and economic uncertainty, the team is focussing more on company growth.  The innovations in digital and technology revolutionized by powering to double down with its 3D’s.  Here the team works on new capabilities with innovations. Here with 3 Ds the means of Digital. delivery and drive-through, combined with artificial intelligence and automated order taking. This helps in improving the experience of the customers by modernizing data systems and moving faster.

Nowadays, Macdonalds has performed fair with a deployed range of AI efforts and increased its overall growth. With its loyalty and delivery programs, it is moving ahead with operational efficiency. So now the team work with the leadership skills of Rice brain going to deliver more productive. The various personalized offers lead to continued digital growth with real-time promotions and targeted menu price adjustments.

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