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If you are a manager or the head of a child care center, deciding which childcare management software to use is a very important decision. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the essential features of childcare management software. But before that, let us understand childcare management software.

What is childcare management software?

Childcare management software helps in reducing the administrative load, improving parent experience, and giving accurate insights into your business. From billing to enrolment management, there are a lot of tasks that can be simplified by childcare management software. So let us understand some of the most sought features of childcare management software.

Top 5 Most Sought Features in a Childcare Management Software

  • Enrolment: This feature helps in managing a classroom roaster; the following are some of the benefits of this

  1. Forecast of future Sessions: It allows to see how many spots are available so as to allocate resources and lessons appropriately.

  2. Updating information By Parents: It allows parents to update information, especially if you are running a daycare service; they can update it on the child’s profile from any device.

  3. Roster Hub: It also acts as a roster hub that can be accessed by staff anywhere, thereby giving employees the convenience to write notes, check classroom status, and that too from their homes.

  • Billing: This can really be a hassle for you, especially if you are running a daycare centre and you need to coordinate payments, create invoices, etc. However, this can be easily managed by childcare management software. With this, you can

  1. Automate Billing: It invoices automatically, which gets sent to parents on a specified date.

  2. Convenient Methods of Payment: It also makes payment much easier with parents connecting their accounts and seamlessly making payments.

Apart from this, it also sends bill payment reminders to parents before the due date.

  • Virtual Child Profiles: A childcare software creates a virtual child profile for every child in daycare. Some of the important benefits it does are

  1. Emergency Information: A virtual profile of a child includes their immediate contacts, medical information, and allergies from any connected device.

  2. Tracking of Additional Staff Notes: With virtual profiles being created for each child, staff can get a complete historical picture of a child anytime, especially for conducting parent meetings, welcoming new staff, and creating new sessions.

  • Sign-in: A childcare software helps to collect all the sign-in information together that can be accessed anywhere.

  1. Implement Parent-led Sign-In: This uses unique passcodes that parents can enter into a device to mark their child dropped off, pick them up, etc.

  2. Stores records of pick-up/drop-off permissions: It helps in recording drop-off or pick-up permissions so that when a neighbour comes to pick a child from your care centre, the information is already with you.

  • Daily Report Forms: With childcare management software, you can automatically send out detailed daily reports of the progress, keeping extensive historical records of the daily reports, and many more.

Summing Up

These are some of the top sought features of childcare management software that you can definitely work on.


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