8 Snacks to Try in 2021

Snacks are the unrecognized heroes that get us through boring and hard times. If the pandemic lockdown year has taught people anything, it is how healing snacking can be. However, just like anything else, it could get boring eating the same snacks every time.

Therefore, you need to ditch all those snacks you have been eating since March last year and try some of the new 2021 snacks. If you are looking for snack foods you can spice up your summer with, good for both you and your kids, look no further.

Perfect Bar Snack Size

Sometimes you might get tired and not notice how fast lunchtime approaches. If that happens to you and you haven’t made lunch for your kid yet, grab yourself a perfect bar. It now comes with dark chocolate chip peanut butter and regular peanut butter.

You do not have to worry about the nutritional value because the manufactures made them with organic honey, organic peanut butter, six grams of whole protein foods, and over 20 organic superfoods.

This makes them a perfect snack for lunchtime or even after school. You can get yourself several packets from the refrigerated sections of many grocery stores near you.

Dick and Jane Educational Snacks

Don’t worry about your child forgetting everything they learned over the summer. You can make snack time both fun and educational with a packet of Dick and Jane educational snacks. They are non-GMO, all-natural, and 100% nut-free.

Every pack of these delicious snacks comes with crackers that have learning opportunities like abbreviations, spelling, country maps, and more imprinted on them.

Some of the varieties of learning opportunities you can get on these snacks include presidents, States and capitals, Spanish and English, fun and fitness, food and nutrition, and farmers’ markets.

KRAVE Zero Sugar Jerky

Recently, KRAVE introduced their new zero sugar jerky line, which combines all the flavor of grass-fed beef, but no sugar. These are perfect for you if you are looking to snack without worrying about the added unwanted and unhealthy calories and sugars.

Some of the two new flavors that you and your kids will love are southwest hatch chile and Sonoma-style BBQ. They have 100% grass-fed beef flavor, 12 grams of proteins, 1.5 grams of fat, and zero grams of sugar.

These zero sugar jerkies give you a perfect shot of their bold flavor and nutrients as you enjoy their tender texture.

You can get yourself a pack of these jerkies on their website or select CVS stores across the United States.

RIND Skin-On Dried Fruit

We all love it when we can get both flavor and nutrition from our snacks. If you are looking for that, these skin-on dried fruit snacks from RIND. They are tasty, chewy, and do not have any added sugars, so you are guaranteed no unhealthy added fats and calories.

They have four to six grams of fiber per serving. Since these snacks are dried fruits that still have their skin on, you and your kids will get more antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber than you would from other dried fruit snacks.

They are also non-GMO, meaning that you are not at risk of getting any chemicals into your body. They are certified by Kosher, are gluten-free, and also allergen-friendly.

Some of the flavors you can get from these snacks include tangy kiwi, orchard, tropical blends, coco-melon, straw-Peary, and coconut crisps.

Belgian Boys

Belgian Boys manufacture delicious and fun-looking non-GMO European sweets. These are perfect for keeping your kids busy on a road trip, especially the speculoos cookie, which come in Belgian chocolate cookie bars and too-cute mustache shapes.

You can also check out Belgian Boys frozen breakfast snacks like bite-sized pancakes and waffles.

Turin Fireball Whisky Chocolates

If you want to snack and get a shot of booze, Turin have you covered with their new fireball chocolate candies. In the past, they are famous for making chocolate filled with liquor like Johnnie Walker Scotch, Malibu Coconut Rum, 1800 Tequila, and Brandy.

However, these new candies with spicy whisky are the best to get you feeling the ooze of booze and sweetness of chocolate this summer by the beach.

ICONIC Kids Protein Shakes

Everyone with a kid understands how much of a hustle it is to get them to eat healthy by getting them to ditch the unhealthy sugars and replace them with healthy vegetables and fruits.

For that reason, ICONIC Kids has come out with a protein shake that will be not only sweet but also nutritious for your kids. These protein shakes contain full servings of daily Vitamin B, organic vegetables, and no added sugars.

They also have a taste that will trick your child into thinking it is dessert, which encourages them to drink it. Some of the flavors you will get from this brand include vanilla vacay, chocolate carnival, and fruity fiesta.

Kate’s Real Food Dark Chocolate Mint

If you are addicted to thin mints and are looking for a better option for you, these dark chocolate mints are the best ones to go with. This is an all-natural and mint-flavored energy bar that will not only give you the shot of flavor but boost your energy.

Similar to all other products from Kate’s Real Food, this chocolate bar is loaded with organic ingredients that are not only tasty but also USDA-certified.

Some of the ingredients in this bar include certified and gluten-free oats, natural cacao powder, cool peppermint extract, creamy peanut butter, and smooth dark chocolate. For more texture in the bar, they also added bits of dried cacao beans.

Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream

These non-GMO and gluten-free delicious mocha ice creams come in individually wrapped packages. They include 100% natural ingredients, and unlike some ice-cream bites, they are not messy. They are also tasty and come in perfect portions that both you and your kids will enjoy.

There are new single-serve ice creams that come in different flavors, including triple chocolate, vegan strawberry, vegan chocolate, green tea, and cookie dough bites. Just like other ice cream brands, you can get these from any grocery store or supermarket.

Whatever snack you choose to change up your normal snack routine from ice cream to Jamaican Easter buns and cheese, you should always look at the ingredients to ensure that you will not get any reactions. You should always look at some that have some nutritional value, especially for your children.


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