Essential Health Facts That Young Girls Must Know

Essential Health Facts That Young Girls Must Know

When growing, girls are more concerned about their physical appearance and ignore their health and wellbeing; girls at this stage of development are at high risk of health problems that may affect their lives. There are conditions like mental health, sexually transmitted diseases, and obesity that can affect young girls despite their age. This article will discuss essential health facts facing young girls today and what to do about them. You can also take a types of PCOS quiz if you are interested in finding out more about what may be ailing you or a young girl you know.

Obesity is Among the Leading Health Conditions Among Young Girls

Studies have shown about 24 million children, and teenagers are overweight. Young girls also suffer from this condition, and they made 30% of the group. Moreover, 12.7 million of the sampled group were obese, and girls made 15% of this group. Obesity is a chronic health problem that is known to cause unusual health problems in young people. In addition, teenage girls who are overweight are at risk of severe health problems. This condition predisposes these girls to abnormal menstruation periods, and another health condition is polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition that may cause infertility, baldness, acne, and excessive body hair growth. Luckily, obesity is a condition that can be prevented and managed with ease.

Causes of Obesity in Teenage Girls

For years the cause of obesity has been linked to lifestyle. If a person consumes more calories than the one they use, they are at risk of becoming overweight. However, obesity in teens can be caused by a combination of things; these include; Genes, obesity can be passed from parent to child. Children who have even one obese parent are at high risk for the condition. Metabolism is another cause of obesity in young girls. Socioeconomic factors may lead to obesity. People from low-income areas are at increased risk due to a lack of affordable health facilities and places to exercise. Obesity can be prevented and managed efficiently. It is essential to have regular medical checkups to prevent the onset of this condition and manage it.

Mental Health Affects Young Girls Transiting to Adulthood

During adolescence, girls experience changes in their bodies. It can lead to serious mental problems in young people. According to a study conducted by WHO, depression is the leading mental health condition that causes illness and disability among young people. In addition, it leads to suicidal thoughts that is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. This study also showed that mental health condition is among the ultimate global burden of diseases and injuries. It accounts for 16% of global infections.

Many health problems start at the age of 14 years, and most of them go undetected and untreated. Many factors may affect the mental wellbeing of young girls; these conditions include; stigma, poverty, exclusion, violence, and living in fragile settings. If mental disorders are not addressed at this stage, they can extend to adulthood and impair adulthood.

There are Severe Infectious Diseases That Maybe Deadly to Girls

In recent years childhood vaccination has reduced many infections that affect young children and caused death. Many countries worldwide have adopted the vaccination program, and according to the WHO report, mortality from early childhood diseases has fallen by 90% worldwide. However, at the onset of adolescence, young girls are exposed to infectious diseases transmitted sexually.

HIV is one of the diseases that affect many young girls who are entering their puberty stage. They are sexually active at this point, and if they are not well informed, they can contract this deadly disease. New HIV infection has decreased by 90% since 1994. However, teenagers account for 10% of adult new infections, with girls making three-quarters of this group. Teenagers must know how to protect themselves from contracting this disease and have teen-friendly means.

In addition, HIV infections with HPV occurs at the onset of sexual activity. It is an infection that affects both boys and girls who get into contact with infected people. The virus causes genital warts, which are easy to manage. However, in girls, it may cause cervical cancer, which is a deadly disease. It is thus essential for all girls to get vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus as this may save many lives.

Early Pregnancy and Child Birth Cause Death Among Young Girls

More than 10 million teenage girls give birth in developing regions. However, there are adolescent pregnancies in the developed world, and the countries’ rates range from 1- 200 girls in every 1000 girls. This is a significant decrease compared to statistics from the 1990s. However, it is essential to note that teenage girls’ leading cause of death is complications from early pregnancies and childbirth. According to Sustainable Development Goals, by 2030, all adolescents should have a comprehensive sexuality education that will enable them to avoid early pregnancies. Moreover, the world should work together to ensure that these girls access contraceptive information and services in a friendly environment to reduce deaths.

Many physical changes occur from adolescence. Young girls transiting from childhood to adulthood may get confused following the physical, psychological, and emotional changes they experience at this period. This makes them vulnerable to serious health problems that may even lead to death. It is thus a collective duty of all stakeholders to educate and support this group during these trying times.

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