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Vishu Wishes

Are you looking for beautiful Vishu Wishes and the best Vishu Images 2022? As you know, Vishu is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated by Keralites in the state of Kerala and worldwide. According to traditions, this day marks the first day of Medam, which is the first month in the solar calendar followed in Kerala. Like Onam, Vishu is an exciting festive event for all Malayalis. This year, Vishu is celebrated on April 15, 2022.

As Vishu marks the first day of the Malayalam astronomical year, Lord Vishnu and his incarnation Lord Krishna are the ones mainly worshipped. On this day, people pray to God to bless their loved ones with good health and well-being throughout the new year.

The Traditions – Vishu

Vishu festival consists of various customs and traditions. One of the iconic traditions is the Vishukkani which is the first thing seen on Vishu day. It is prepared the day before Vishu by setting up a tray and filling it with fruits, vegetables, rice, coconut, jack fruit, golden yellow Konna flowers (Cassia fistula), etc. Other items include a mirror (Vaalkannadi). The mirror symbolises seeing yourself as a part of much you see in the Kani.

The process involves the elders waking up first and lighting the lamps. After that, they wake up the juniors in the family. After waking up, they are taken to the puja room with their eyes covered. Once reached, they are shown the Kani which is the first thing they see on that day. After that, all the family gather around and prepares the Vishu Sadhya. Other customs include buying new clothes for the occasion of Vishu. This is called buying Vishukodi. Another popular tradition is Vishukkaineetam in which the elders give a small amount of money to their younger ones in the family. Bursting various colourful firecrackers is a common sight on this day.

Vishu wishes 2022

Vishu is an unavoidable festival event for all Malayalis worldwide. This is why it is important to send wishes and connect with them. To make things easier for you, we have curated some good Vishu wishes that you can use to wish your loved ones.

  • On this special day, prosperity, good health and happiness are the things I wish you get this year. Happy Vishu my dear friend.
  • Here’s me extending my warm wishes to you and your family on a joyous day. Happy Vishu.
  • May God shower his divine blessings upon you and make your life hopeful, successful and happy throughout the year. Happy Vishu to you
  • Let this Vishu help you start a new beginning and bring new hopes to your life.
  • A happy and prosperous Vishu to all my dear friends and well-wishers.
  • From Vishukkani to Vishu Sadya to Firecrackers, enjoy this auspicious day and create special festive moments with your loved ones. Happy Vishu.


So, that’s all about Vishu and the various traditions involved in it. Vishukkani, Vishusadya, Vishukkaineetam, Vishukodi, Firecrackers, Wow. So much to enjoy in a single day. But we will celebrate as we always do. Start your preparations and enjoy this Vishu season.

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