Handy Coordination Exercises for Idle Hands
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Handy Coordination Exercises for Idle Hands

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A great way to keep your hands and fingers busy is by doing coordination exercises. These exercises are an excellent way for children, adults, and seniors alike to get their entire bodies moving while still having something in their hands. They can be done at any time of the day or night, so you should never have an excuse not to do them. Here are eight handy coordination exercises for idle hands.


This classic exercise is a great way to get your hands and arms moving. It can also be done pretty much anywhere! All you need are some open palms, an open space, and the willingness to go for it. This one may take a bit of practice before you’re able to clap continuously without pausing or losing form. In addition, clapping is a great way to get sound effects in your movement exercise.

Finger Pull-Ups

Finger pull-ups are a great way to work your hand and wrist strength. You can do them with or without equipment, but you’ll want something sturdy for support if you go the “without” route (such as a table). Grasp whatever is tightly in your hands while keeping your arm straight. Then, while keeping your arm straight and engaged the entire time, pull yourself up onto whatever it is you’re holding. You should feel this in your arms, hands, back, and shoulders.

Thread the Needle

Threading the needle is a great way to work your grip, hand-eye coordination, and shoulder strength. Start by crossing one arm in front of you while extending your other arm behind you. Then take that extended arm back over the top of your head so it’s now coming towards you from behind with an open palm. Thread the needle by grabbing something (such as a medicine ball or bat) in front of you with your open palm.

Thumb Wrestler

This coordination exercise is a fun way to work your thumb strength, bicep engagement, and grip. Start by sitting down with one leg extended in front of you while the other leg is bent behind you (such that your knee is near or touching the ground). With both hands clasped together into a fist, extend your thumb in the direction of your extended leg. Next, keeping your arms straight, wrestle that thumb back into its proper place with an opponent.

Plank to Push-Up

The plank push-up is an excellent way for you to work your core, arms, and upper body. Start by getting into the top of a push-up position with one arm extended forward. Next, shift all of your weight onto that leading hand/forearm while lifting the opposite leg, so it’s in line with your torso. Finally, slowly lower back down to the starting position using either your arm or leg to support you (whichever one wasn’t leading).

Toe Taps

Toe taps are a great way to work on coordination and strength in your lower body. Start by getting on all fours with one leg extended behind you while the other is bent so that it’s underneath you. Then, keeping your knee straight, tap your toe as close as possible to the ground right next to that knee. It’s okay if your toe doesn’t touch the ground, but you should be as close to it as possible.

Tug of War

This classic exercise is a great way to get your arms, hands, and entire upper body engaged. To do this one, you’ll need two people (or animals) willing to engage in a little friendly competition. First, face each other with feet shoulder-width apart from across from each other. Next, grab the item between you (a rope, belt, etc.) with both hands and arms extended. Finally, engage your entire body as you attempt to pull the other person towards you.

Good hand-eye coordination will have a positive impact on everyone’s life. Whether you are interested in keeping your hands busy or are interested in picking up a new skill or hobby, like using a lock pick set, you’ll be glad to have spent some time practicing some of these fun timekillers.