Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer Marketing Tools

Did you ever buy something because someone you admire recommended or shared their good experience about the product or service?

Almost everything, right?

But it’s not just you who does this; the vast majority of consumers, including me, execute a purchase under the influence of a well-known figure we follow.

That’s the power of influencer marketing!!!

Though influencer marketing has existed for a long time through TV, newspapers, etc., the digital transformation has led to the rise in its consideration.

Digital influencer marketing is among the efficient way of marketing.

And here is why it is considered so adequate;

The ROI and quality of traffic received through influencer marketing are better than that obtained from other marketing sources.

By collaborating with the targeted influencers, you would reach the ideal audience for your business.

No doubt, the age-old practices are still followed. However, with digital influencer marketing, you can target a narrowed audience whose probability of engaging with your business is high.

With the ocean of information available on the internet, you can choose the influencer from a particular niche relevant to your product or business. The only challenge is to find the right influencer and to get in touch with them.

Thankfully, we live in an era with advanced technology.  Many tools can help you find influencers and reach out to them.

Now, let’s break down this into two objectives: find the right influencer for your business, and the next is to find ways to approach them.

Tools to Find Right Influencer for Your Brand

The below-listed tools will help you in finding the right influencer to grow your business.

Before that, you have to set your campaign objective; only then can your search start.

Once you are clear about the objective, you can use the below tools to find your ideal influencer.

  • BuzzSumo
  • BuzzStream
  • Traackr
  • Awario

From the list of influencers, you can select the ones with maximum reach among the audience.

There are many other tools available on the internet. However, it’s always wise to be minimalistic instead of wasting your time running behind every application.

Now, let us jump into the different ways to approach an influencer and appropriate tools to execute it.

An influencer receives limitless offers, collaboration requests, and spam messages. As a result, they may neglect many messages without even reading them.

You need to be consistent, patient and use ethical ways to draw their attention. Here are some methods and tools you can use.

Social Media Platforms

    • Establish a connection with your influencer on different social media platforms and keep in touch with them.
    • You can offer some value to them by committing to their post, sharing their article/blog, or endorsing their soft skills on the LinkedIn platform. is an Email Search Tool. You can find the email address of your targeted influencer within seconds.

Once you get their mail id, you can send a personalized email that explains you, your values & Innovative ideas.

And in case you don’t receive a response for more than two days, try to followup with them. You can do this via LinkedIn/ Facebook/Instagram, the chatbot & contact form.

But remember not to write frequently, as this may annoy them.

I hope that helps!

But always remember that there is no limitation to the Human mind.

A new way may strike your mind to achieve this, and you must step ahead with your idea and see the result.

It may work or may not, but you have to try it & then conclude.

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