Oxford High School students – 3 dead, 8 injured

Oxford High School students

School shooter in Michigan kills 3 students – Latest report unveiled that Oxford High School students – 3 dead, 8 injured. 8 people were shot and one was believed as a teacher as per the report.

Among 8, 2 people were reported to have undergone surgery at the earliest and the other 6 were in a stable condition right now. More reports need to come from the hospital and besides, the deputy took the suspect into custody.

As per the latest update, one of the handguns got recovered from the suspect and all the students have been evacuated and relocated to a new safe place. For more details take a look at the Live update from CNBC.

The students of Oxford High School and staff are efficiently being emptied to the Meijer Garden Center and might be gotten there. However, Any of the students with their own transportation have been permitted to leave. Besides, Any remaining locale schools are in lockdown for security purposes and are in no peril.

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