The Most Accessible Recreational Activities in the Midwest

Recreational Activities

The Midwest is widely known for having numerous recreational activities that are also accessible. There is a recreational activity suitable for everyone regardless of their mobility levels. Some of the activities that you can engage in while in the Midwest include skydiving and kayaking. You can also get to glance at the sand dunes present in Lake Michigan. The parks in the region are also accessible, and numerous programs are helpful such that you can enjoy the outdoors in the Midwest.

The most accessible recreational activities in the Midwest include:


Most of the parks in the Midwest that have beaches are accessible regardless of whether the terrain is inaccessible. Some parks have beach wheelchairs that are specialized such that they have large inflatable tires that make it possible to easily roll on the sand also get into the water. Other parks have beach trails with a solid surface that comes in handy for people who have difficulty walking or those with wheelchairs. Some of the popular parks in the Midwest include Buckhorn State Park, Whitefish Dunes State Park, among others.


Skiing is an excellent recreational activity. There are sit skis, and they come in handy for people who have mobility issues. The sit skis are present at the state parks in the Midwest, and some of them include the Governor Nelson State Park, Mirror Lake State Park, among others. The state parks have trails that are well-groomed, and the spots are relatively flat, which means people can easily maneuver. If you’re willing to go even further West, then you can head over to Colorado.


You can enjoy activities such as Kayaking in different parks in the Midwest, including the Council Grounds State Park, Perrot State Park, among others.

There are adaptive kayaks in these parks, and their outriggers are adjustable such that they provide stability such that the users will be secure and comfortable as they paddle. If you have a limited grip, the paddles have hand adaptations, and they come in handy as you paddle.


There are numerous rivers and lakes in the Midwest, and you can engage in recreational activities such as fishing. Some of the areas where you can go fishing include Simmonds Island Marina and Lakeshore State Park.


There are numerous skydiving facilities in the Midwest. Although such activities are thrilling, the skydiving facilities in the Midwest prioritize everyone’s safety. You need to have the proper equipment before you engage in some of these activities.

Some of the areas that you can live in and they’re close to each of these recreational activities include:

Mequon, Wisconsin

Mequon is a suburb based in Milwaukee, and it is close to Lake Michigan. Although the town has urban proximity, Mequon is mainly driven by agricultural work. The residents usually have a small-town feeling.

Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park is a suitable place for those who love art. The region hosts the Circle Theater, Oak Park Festival Theatre, and Momenta dance firm; it is also one of the diverse suburbs in the Midwest.

Mason, Ohio

Mason, Ohio, is close to Cincinnati. The area is suitable for theme park lovers. Mason, Ohio, serves as the home to the Kings Island amusement park. The region also hosts one of the renowned tennis stadiums.

Broomfield, Colorado

There’s an abundance of ski resorts along the Rocky Mountains in Colorado accessible from the Denver area. While getting property in Denver can be difficult, the Denver area has a lot of suburbs that offer easy access to these areas, so if you are looking for Broomfield Colorado houses for sale, you’ll be within a short drive of a lot of fun winter activities.

There are numerous recreational activities that you can engage in while in the Midwest. The activities are suitable for both normal people and those with disabilities. We have listed different activities, including skiing and skydiving. Additionally, if you would like to reside in the Midwest, close to the areas where you can easily engage in some of these recreational activities, feel free to move to Mason, Ohio, or the other regions listed above.

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