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Best WordPress Hosting

best wordpress hosting

Best WordPress Hosting  is one of the essential services for any website, whether an online shop, a blog, etc.

Having a web hosting that offers great service and quality at a good price is one of the most important keys for your website to work properly with minimum costs. But, with so many hosting companies offering their services, in many cases, it is difficult to choose the one that best suits our needs and circumstances, and more if we do not have knowledge in this area.

If you have had any Hosting you will understand what I am talking about. And is that almost everyone is wrong with the hosting provider who hires you when you are starting in this world.

Therefore, we want to give you some keys to choose an effective and economical hosting for your project, based on our own experience and the results we have obtained with some Best WordPress Hosting providers . In this way you can make the best decision for your business or Startup.

We also take the opportunity to advise a couple of very cheap reference Hosting providers making a comparison between them to show you their advantages and demonstrate why they are the most outstanding in the market, in case you decide to change!

TOP 5 Best WordPress Hosting

  1. MRcloundhosting
  2. Cloudways
  3. Hostinger
  4. Godaddy
  5. Bluehost

How to choose Best WordPress Hosting?

A cheap Hosting or an expensive Hosting?

You must be clear that virtue is at the midpoint, since it is not advisable to hire such an important service at a price too cheap, wanting to save up to the last cent, or at a very expensive price, since it is absurd to pay extra costs unnecessary and nonexistent in many cases (eye that is much ready).

In our case ( Neoattack Agency ), at the beginning of the project, we had problems with our first Web Hosting, something normal and natural since we could say that we were novices in many aspects of this world.

Our advice is that you do not trust those services and web hosting platforms that offer unlimited resources at ridiculous prices, since you can take unpleasant surprises of various kinds.

Think that a Hosting must have a certain qualified staff that offers a quality service in terms of security, transmission speed, technical service, etc., if the price offered is significantly lower than the average market prices for each type of web hosting and service, it will mean that something strange happens.

This type of web hosting works well until something happens, and from my own experience, I tell you, something will happen. If you have had a Hosting before, you will know what I’m talking about. Disadvantages that this type of Hosting can cause you are for example:

  • That your website stop working or the speed of transmission or upload of it is suddenly very slow.
  • That the technical service delays in answering to your emails days and even, neither answer or in some cases disappear of the map while you lose visits.
  • That the technician that you have assigned is a potentate one who thinks that you are an expert in the matter and does not bother to explain certain fundamental or important aspects to your website, something that is curious when you are paying a company for that service on purpose if you do not know anything about the subject, if you would not do it yourself.
  • That the Hosting is from another country, and the technical service does not speak Spanish and you have to explain any matter on the page to these (above with technical vocabulary on the subject).
  • And the most terrible and disturbing of all the drawbacks we can cite …, that your website has suffered an attack by a hacker or have a virus in it and technical support does not know where the shots go (where entered the virus, what happened, how to solve the problem, etc.).

This does not mean that there are not very cheap Web Hosting services that offer great benefits, but it is always advisable to investigate a little about the service, reading reviews and comments in reference Blog, forums and social networks.

Criteria for the selection of the Best Hosting

To choose and find the best Hosting for your website in 2019, it is advisable that you base yourself on the following criteria:

1) Choose a Best WordPress Hosting

Our recommendation is that you choose a web hosting that supports the use of WordPress (Hosting WordPress), since this way we will have access to plugins or tools to improve your website.

The plugins will allow you to offer your website a more personalized service to your visitors thanks to the various functionalities that they offer and that can be installed and activated or deactivated in a very simple way.

2) Hostings with guarantees and money back

Hire only suppliers that offer a refund period. So you can quietly test the Hosting and see if the service is good and if it turns out that it does not suit your needs you will not have lost money. That is the case, for example of Hostinet , a classic of the sector with more than fifteen years of experience.

3) Hostings with standard administration tools

Do not choose providers that do not use standard site administration tools such as cPanel (it is the most popular and recommended).

4) Shared Servers and VPS Hosting

To find quality services it is best to focus on the providers of cheap Hosting in Spain that have shared and physical servers where they configure their different types of hosting and hosted websites. It is also good to take a look at the Hosting VPS (Private Virtual Server) as they can be a very interesting option, although somewhat more expensive.

5) Test hosting to test

Ask for a web hosting trial (standard package with which to have a cheap website in a few minutes) to web hosting services that appeal to you to check and test their functions and aspects such as the performance of the server that hosts the page , the loading speed,

If they offer you this possibility, in addition to giving you the chance to try the functions offered free of charge, they will demonstrate that they provide a good technical service (since they will demonstrate being attentive to the client) and that they have nothing to hide because they fully trust the service and features they offer.

6) Advice for your web development company

Be advised by experts in web design and online marketing in the event that we have hired the services of this type of professionals for the development of your website. It is also advisable to follow the advice of influencer and blogger in this field, as they know better than anyone the misadventures of this world.

7) Testing can always help improve

If you already had a Hosting contracted previous years, and it has worked well, it is up to you to find a cheaper one or keep your page in this one more year. Many times it is better bad known than bad to know, but of course, this will depend on the needs of each one, and it may be a good option to change to try to save as much as possible.

8) Check the quality, functionality and price with the reviews

Search for the best quality and functionality — price, researching for it its services and the comments of other users to know the level they offer.

9) Search for a Spanish or country hosting where you want to position yourself

Searching for a Spanish Hosting is also a recommendable option, if not other languages ​​are mastered, besides they will be more accessible to you (data center and servers located in Spain).

10) If you are looking for quality web hosting …

If you are looking for a really good service, discard in the Web Hosting search like the one offered1one1 (they have a very bad reputation) …

Having said that, we are going to talk about a couple of Hosting providers that in our opinion are the best currently in terms of quality-price in our country.

Comparison of Hosting and prices for web hosting

Next, it is advisable to make a comparison of the Hosting that we like the most, to offer a global idea of ​​the level of services and functionality of each web hosting.

We are going to focus on the most interesting functions in any website for its correct functioning, such as server performance, web loading speed and visitor load performance.

Server performance

The first thing you notice using the control panel (cPanel) or WordPress itself is a great speed in browsing the web, as well as in the publication of content.

This aspect depends fundamentally on the power, performance and performance of the server used by the hosting provider, so it is important to compare some technical aspects of these two web hosting services to show the level they offer.

According to data obtained from the Hosting and WordPress control panel by means of the Benchmark plugin, it is possible to obtain an approximation on certain data such as the speed of the CPU, the speed of the transfer of the network, and the number of queries to the database per second that can be supported.

You can also obtain this type of data from a script or PHP executable code (the programming language used for WordPress) that you can download to test in your Hosting. It is as simple as uploading the file bench.php to the root file of your web hosting, add where the URL “ <your_domain> /bench.php” is indicated , and wait for it to finish executing, to later compare the results of each Hosting provider.

Load speed

This is a very important aspect when choosing a hosting provider for your website because if the loading speed of the site is very slow, it can mean the loss of visits and Google position you worse (it is one of the variables that more takes into account when indexing your page).

To check the loading speed of the Hosts you want to check, you can obtain data through web tools such as Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test or checking the general results of each one in the control panel (cPanel) offered by the providers of Hosting

Visit load performance

The visitor load performance is a mixture of the two previous aspects (Server Performance and Load Speed), since it measures the capacity of the web to support the load of visits and how it works as they increase.

The best web tool to measure this issue is Load Impact, which allows you to save the data of each test if you register your platform.

Web hosting security against attacks

Regarding the web security of Hosting, it is vital to check that it is safe to investigate in the comments and negative reviews of users dissatisfied with the level of security that may exist, as well as to ask for the guarantees and protocols of action of each hosting provider in which are you interested in hiring?

It is very important to have a reliable web hosting service that guarantees the security and resolution of any problem that may arise (such as a virus or attack by a hacker) for the success of your website.


In our opinion, Webempresa and Raiola Networks are the best Hosting providers in Spain, since they offer the best quality price, and have the best reviews of both recognized professionals in the sector, and amateur users.

Both have a technical service and a very good level of functionality and functionality at a really affordable price, offering a high level of technical and human service as they help you in all the steps of the hosting process in everything you need.

By the way, if any reader of NeoAttack is encouraged to try our service, you can do it with 20% discount by putting the coupon: gracias20

Server performance

Raiola Networks and Webempresa, unlike some Hosting providers that are terribly slow (so much so that sometimes they can get you crazy), allow you to browse the WordPress menu quickly and stable, since they have very good servers and a large amount of specific hardware (SSD, CPU, etc.)

These two hosting providers offer great results, although Webempresa seems to be somewhat above Raiola Networks in this regard as it has more CPUs and SSDs, although we do not doubt that sooner or later Raiola will be at the same level given its continuous improvement and level of service.

Load Speed

We already anticipate that both Raiola Networks and Webempresa, have a high loading speed, we say it from experience, since we have contracted with other suppliers in the past that did not have the service that they offer.

They offer a high loading speed compared to other much more expensive services. The Page Size of Webempresa is smaller than that of Raiola Networks because it compresses the size of the data, so Raiola has some advantage in this aspect.

Visit load performance

In this sense both Raiola Networks and Webempresa, offer a leading service because it has the best speed and server performance, although in this aspect is also Raiola the most prominent. You will never lose visits due to increases or peaks of visits on your website, as it will continue to load at an acceptable speed.

Web Security

Webempresa has a special web security, which blocks all types of threats, providing protection beyond the usual, and more with the prices they handle, although Raiola Networks is not far behind in this aspect (they have provided us with much peace of mind and trust in this sense).

Let’s talk a little more in depth about these Hosting providers to show you the advantages they offer and the prices they handle.

Webempresa, a quality hosting and great support

It is one of the heaviest in terms of web hosting is concerned in Spain. It is specialized in content managers such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. and electronic commerce platforms such as Protestant. It is a highly recommended service in Blog of experts and influencer in this area.

Advantages of Web e company as accommodation

Among the advantages of this service we can highlight the following:

  • Web empress has an acceptable number of high-speed SSD disks with Cloud Linux to isolate the Hosting and avoid problems (it is used to virtualize each user account and isolate it from other users in a container called LVE). It also has a good number of CPU’s. This makes the server performance one of the best on the market. You will notice it in the long run as your website grows.
  • It has a gzip compression system that reduces bandwidth consumption, which makes it perform very well with websites that take up a lot of space. Making a global assessment of everything (performance, speed, security level, technical service, price …).
  • Its servers are very stable and are optimized for different platforms such as, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting and Prestashop Hosting.
  • They have Special Security for different platforms (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) consisting of customized Anti-Hacker security rules updated daily. Your Firewall, Antivirus and Anti Spam for Mail keeps your web and mailbox clean and hassle free so you do not have to worry about anything.
  • It also provides free image hosting and free hosting support for different platforms by contracting a very low number of Gigabytes compared to other providers. And if you need to move your WordPress from another provider, they take care of it through their Super Migratory service at no cost.
  • They make automatic backup copies every 4 hours, so you can recover your own copies when you need them in a simple and simple way (in 2 clicks).
  • As long as you have space, you can add all the web and content you want at any time in addition to being able to use unlimited email accounts and databases.
  • It has a Re seller Hosting service. This type of web hosting consists of allowing resale of accommodation within the same plan, offering the possibility of creating sub domains and adding external domains by creating sub-plans or hosting plans within the resale hosting account. This type of services can be very convenient for creatives, web designers, etc.
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