Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Cards

Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Cards

Online backing up data services was once prevalent and continues to exist in our modern world. Businesses, organizations, and individuals need to backup data for a number of reasons, If lost, it will have adverse consequences. For example, a business must have a good backup and recovery mechanism to avoid unnecessary delays.  Back at the beginning of Information technology, floppy disks, hard drives, and magnetic tapes were used to store voluminous data. 

Just like storing the data, the chances to lose data also were high. But things have changed as IT expanded its wings by incepting new technologies to backup data. Some of them include zip sticks, compact disks, memory sticks, and memory cards. They are durable and comfort comes at a fair price. New backup media is fast, secure, and easy to operate. We will have a close look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of memory cards. 

The best known backup media: Memory cards – Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Cards

Memory cards are available everywhere and are widely accepted as the best backup media. It is a relatively small device that varies in storage capacity. You can use it for storing vivid kinds of information such as text, audio, video and pictures. Many names are available to memory cards such as flash memory cards and secure digital cards. The capacity and speed of a memory card are determined by its type and brand. The most renowned brands are PNY technologies, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and SanDisk. Generally, the capacity of each card is displayed on the top. 

Types of memory cards:

  • Memory stick
  • Multimedia cards
  • Smart media cards

Advantages of memory cards

Using memory cards as backup media has numerous benefits:

  • Periodic refresh is not required as it is a non-volatile memory. Stored data is secure in memory cards. 
  • The solid nature of memory cards secure o t from damages
  • Memory cards are easy to use, lighter and portable. 
  • Memory cards consume less power
  • You can use these cards in many low-power devices such as laptops, computers, and cameras.
  • No pestering noises while it functions
  • Memory cards are available in different sizes starting from 2GB to 128 GB
  • Though smaller it has a great storage capacity
  • Keeping track of data is comparatively easier
  • Unlike traditional data backup devices, memory cards do not require organization
  • You can easily attach and remove the memory card from any device. 

Using memory cards as backup media has got few demerits:

Disadvantages of memory cards

  • Memory cards are vulnerable to breakage
  • It is easy to get lost or damaged
  • Electronic corruption can lead to data loss

External storage device, the memory card is a non-volatile backup device to store your information. Though it has innumerable benefits and is not devoid of disadvantages. The advantages of memory cards make it the best backup device among many options. The only thing to be remembered is to buy these cards from authorized sellers. Never compromise on the quality so it’s crucial to go for reliable brands. Hope you got some informative ideas on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Cards, stay updated with Pressks to get instant alerts and news soon.

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