Demystifying Features Of Valet Software By CVPS

Valet Software By CVPS

If you happen to be in the hotel and hospitality industry, then making sure your customers are at ease and comfortable is your top-most priority because, in the end, it is the customers who will decide whether you will remain in business or not. With advancements in technology every day, everything is becoming digitalized and the parking and valet system too, is no exception to that rule. When you are in the hotel industry, you have to incorporate every procedure or system that will increase the comfort and convenience of your customers. Investing in valet software by CVPS is one of them and it is one of the best investments that is going to benefit your business. Keep reading to know the demystifying features of valet software by CVPS.

It changes how customers perceive the arrival and retrieval process

For those of you who are not aware of how the traditional arrival and retrieval process works, for one thing, both the procedures seem to take forever and it often frustrates the customers. But with valet software by CVPS, not only are you streamlining both the processes but also cutting down unlimited long queues. No longer will you see customers waiting for their vehicle because the traditional valet system has somehow ended up messing up parking formations, causing a jam in the parking lot.

Ticketless and Alexa powered Valet system

With valet software by CVPS, you are bidding goodbye to ticketed valet and the concept of misplacing the same tickets. Now, all your customers will have their vehicles automatically registered at the time at the Kiosk. This will allow your entrance to not longer have cars waiting in line to receive valet from the manager.

 Along with the ticketless valet system, CVPS’s valet system also is powered by Alexa, i.e. your customers will have access to Amazon’s digital personal assistant Alexa who gives them access to connect with any department at their time in your hotel. This will enhance your customer service and the customers will feel their needs are being personally taken care of.

Cater to vehicle request time online

No longer are customers required to move around places in search of a desk that will help them in retrieving their vehicle. With valet software by CVPS, all they have to do is request a time on the app and their vehicle will be waiting for them at the entrance of the hospitable building. Your staff will be alerted whenever a customer is assigning a retrieval time for their vehicle so that you can assign someone to get on that when the time’s due. This will help you in getting a lot of positive customer feedback and positive customer experiences go a long way when you are in the hospitality and hotel industry.

Save yourself from fraudulent claims

Even though you will be always thinking of ways to enhance your customer’s comfort while they are in your building, some people tend to make fraudulent claims about getting their vehicle damage on your property. To prevent your business from going into losses due to such claims, you can invest in good valet software that will allow you to click photographs of every vehicle that enters your building with time and date stamped on the photos. This will significantly reduce the chances of people coming up and making fraudulent claims at your reception desk.

Valet software by CVPS also installs inspection lanes for properties that have a high density of vehicles in motion all the time. This will save you and your business from unnecessary arguments between customers or even with your staff regarding any damage that could have been potentially done to your property. 

Freedom of customers to make payments

Customers don’t appreciate valet software that requires them to install an app for making payments. But with valet software by CVPS not only will your customers will pay you in seconds but their credit cards will remain secured while they are making any payments. Given the present situation, the contactless payment operation is becoming popular among a majority of businesses. For those who are worrying about their phone numbers getting leaked, our valet system masks the phone numbers to maintain the top-most privacy of the customers.

When you are purchasing valet software by CVPS, you are bringing in a lot of changes to your existing valet system, including eliminating manpower and saving a significant amount of money. Maintaining a valet system has never been easier and convenient!

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