SocialDog Review an Ultimate Twitter Management Tool

Socialdog Twitter Management Tool

If you are a big fan of Twitter, you can leverage the marketing capabilities of this amazing platform with less effort and time. Increase efficiency and manage account operations with SocialDog. With a simple yet effective dashboard, you can monitor statistics, streamline account operations, grow more followers, etc without relying on your smartphone. In this Socialdog review, we explain what it is and the various features that make it one of the best Twitter management tools to choose from in 2022.

What is SocialDog?

SocialDog is an all in one powerful Twitter management application used for managing account operations, increasing follower count, engagement, and more. However, the platform has been in operation since 2016 and has over 1M+ users. The platform is used by individuals and businesses ranging from small enterprises to big corporations. Compared to other social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, etc, SocialDog outperforms them all in terms of features at a reasonable price.

The Various Features

SocialDog is loaded with several innovative features to make the account management process easier. Some of them mentioned in this socialdog review are as follows:

Follower Analysis

This is one of the SocialDog platform’s most informative features. Of Course, the information in SocialDog’s dashboard is represented as several pie charts. The type of users’ whether private or public are shown in the first graphic. In addition, the language spoken by the users is shown in the second chart. The total amount of tweets sent by your followers is shown in the third graphic.

Inactive Users

One of Twitter’s main issues is the uncontrolled presence of bots and trolls. Thankfully, SocialDog was designed to address such issues and it effectively tracks Inactive users, reduces clutter. Also, prevents accidentally following such users, as well as makes your account look acceptable.

Tweet Schedule

If you prefer to schedule tweets, you can do it through SocialDog helps with that. Besides, by scheduling tweets, you don’t have to worry and are not disrupted at any time.

Blacklist + Whitelist

This is one of the most fundamental tools of SocialDog tool. Through this feature, you can add people to your blacklist if they seem to be disturbing. The platform also helps whitelist followers that engage with your content regularly. It’s a simple yet effective tool that allows you to give your time and efforts to people who offers your account the most value.

Follow Keywords

SocialDog’s Follow Keywords tool is an excellent feature that can be utilized in several ways. Some of the examples of using this tool include:

  • Identifying people who are likely to be interested based on keywords
  • Reactions to your marketing efforts on Twitter
  • Monitoring your rivals’ campaign responses

Not Followed

Even though SocialDog helps increase follower count on Twitter, there will be people who may not follow you back. This is the same case for any other social media platform. Likewise, Monitoring such people is a waste of time and resources. This is where SocialDog comes to the rescue by giving an extensive list of people who don’t follow you back. Identically, this method allows you to focus on potential new users rather than wasting time on uninterested people.


SocialDog is available for both personal and business usage purposes. As a matter of fact, the tool consists of Lite, Lite+, Pro and Business versions.

Lite: Free for all users

Lite+: $12/month and $9/year.

Pro: $59/month and $49/year.

Business: $120/month and $99/year.

The Lite and Lite+ are ideal for personal use whereas the pro and business plans are best suited for companies.

SocialDog Pros and Cons

Just like any other social media marketing tool, SocialDog too has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what they are:


  • Slack integrations
  • User management
  • Retweet analysis
  • Mutual follows tracking
  • Automated actions
  • Easy analytics


  • The basic plan has only 10 keywords follows
  • Recent followers only list 1,000 users
  • The free plan has only limited features


To say nothing off about SocialDog, it is an efficient Twitter marketing tool that every Twitter user must try out. Through this Socialdog review, we have explained some of its excellent features and pricing which will be helpful for those looking to gain followers, manage operations with ease. Again, the Lite version is free and offers limited resources but the upgrade plans are affordable for all.

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