Actress Sri Reddy Facebook post on Nani: Dirty Picture Revealed soon


Tollywood Actress Sri Reddy‘s protest against the casting couch has already given the shock to the entire Telugu film industry. Nowadays the controversial actress is targeting Nani and Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Sri Reddy wrote, “Nani + Sri reddy =dirty picture..when??coming soon ..” It seems Sri Reddy wants to reveal sensational things about Nani.

However, once in a while, she makes some wild allegations on Facebook to gain attention. The other day, she called Rana her ‘bava’. Last night, she said she would reveal the dirty picture starring Nani and herself.

She has been making allegations that Nani has harassed many actresses sexually. Since many of her allegations were found to be baseless and she backtracked on her comments, Nani has been silent all these days.

As his “Bigg Boss 2” show is going to be telecast this weekend, she is threatening to reveal the “dirty picture”.

Does she really have Nani’s secret videos or is she just trying to get mileage maligning him? It is not clear why she is fixated with him of all the stars. Though she seems to be desperately trying to be in the mainstream media space again, it’s not going to be possible until she has got something solid as an evidence for all of her allegations on Nani. But, we hope that this ‘Dirty Picture’ is not another sensation.

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