Director RGV Ready to Cast Sri Reddy In His Next Film


Controversial Film Director Ram Gopal Varma in a recent interview said he is ready to direct Sri Reddy if there is a suitable role for her. When the interviewer asked about boycotting his film, he said that Varma denies the news, by saying, “That’s all social media gossip. There’s no person in the Telugu film industry or any organization within the Telugu film industry, who said that they have boycotted my film. Contrary to this, they have formed a committee to address the issue raised by Sri Reddy.”

Talking about how his film Officer is facing trouble, Varma said that it is just social media gossip and that no one in the Telugu film industry or any organisation therein has asked for boycotting RGV or his films. He also argued that when the film industry is acting on Sri Reddy’s complaints and her demand to form a body that safeguards women and their interest within the TFI, where then is the reason to boycott him for supporting her?

If you may recall, Pawan Kalayan and Chiranjeevi’s brother-in-law Allu Aravind had hosted a press conference to lash out at RGV for his involvement in the Sri Reddy – Pawan Kalyan fiasco and demanded the film industry to take strict action against RGV.

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