Khaidi No 150 Movie Advance Ticket Booking Response – Selling like Hotcakes


Khaidi No 150 Movie Advance Ticket Booking : The Most Awaited Film of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback film Khaidi No 150 film tickets pre-booking online opens. They were already opened from few days back but now it has expanded world wide the is releaseing high number of theaters. The tickets for all the shows in all cinema halls are completely sold out. People are now curiously looking forward to see whether the theatres will further add special shows to meet the demand. Other cinema halls are expected to start the booking later in the day.

The Same Response we saw last time one witnessed such bookings were for the film Baahubali and rajinikanth kabali. There were few films released after that too which had very good bookings but none have been on the level that is seen with Khaidi No 150 at the moment.

After Seeing huge advance booking, the opening day figure is looking bigger and bigger. If the single screens in smaller centers and mass areas too replicate this sort of openings, there is no stopping this “Khaidi” on return to eclipse Baahubali on opening day.So guys how excited are you to watch Khiladi 150. Share your comments right away in the box below.

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