Pawan Kalyan wishes Renu Desai on her engagement


Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai announced that she is engaged again with a picture on Instagram There was a very positive reaction from many in the social media as Renu was supported for settling in life at last.

Now, to make things better, Pawan himself took to his social media account and wished Renu. ” My wholehearted wishes to Ms.Renu garu for entering a new phase of happiness. I wish and pray Almighty & the Mother Nature to bestow upon her abundant health, peace, and prosperity” said Pawan.

But the interesting aspect is that the media and general folks do not know who the man Renu got engaged to is.

Anyways, PressKS wishes Renu a very happy married life and best of luck for her future. Meanwhile Few Fans on Social Media threaten to kill Renu Desai if she gets remarried others requested her not “hurt their God”. Sample these gems: ‘Madam second marriage chesukokandi please. Single ga undi chala women life lead chesaru, meeru second marriage chesukoni bad avvakandi. Please, please second marriage cheskokandi, ala cheste meeku, bayatavallaki theda emundadu (Please don’t marry again. A lot of women are leading their lives perfectly normally while being single. Don’t become bad by marrying again. If you do, then what will be the difference between you and outsiders?),’ wrote a fan on Renu’s page.

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