Delhi Doctors Removed14 live roundworms from woman’s bile duct


In Rare Incident Delhi Doctors Removed 14 live roundworms measuring 15 to 20 cm each from the bile duct of a 38-year-old woman patient. All the worms were removed endoscopically without conducting any surgery. A team of doctors led by Dr. Arvind Khurana, Head of Department, Gastroenterology, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh performed the daunting task of relieving patient Mrs Sunita of her six months long ordeal due to severe abdominal pain, fever, vomiting and intermittent episodes of jaundice.

While it is common to find worms in intestines, they are rarely found in the bile duct.

“Usually round worms are found in the intestines. Occasionally they can migrate to the bile duct causing pain, fever and jaundice. There have been cases where we have seen two or three round worms in the bile duct. However, to see fourteen worms is extremely rare,” said Arvind Khurana, head of the hospital’s Gastroenterology Department.

The patient came to the hospital with complaints of severe abdominal pain, fever, vomiting and intermittent episodes of jaundice for the past six months.The patient was advised to undergo an abdominal CT scan which revealed the presence of worms in the bile duct.

Patient Sunita said she had initially been prescribed antibiotics, but they did not help. “With time, I could not digest food and vomited three-four times a week. I kept suffering from jaundice. I was too weak to stand and had lost over 12 kg in a month. Thankfully, they were able to diagnose my condition… I feel much better now.”

Doctors said the life cycle of roundworms, found in areas of low sanitation, begins when eggs from adult worms in intestines are passed out with feces, leading to contamination of the soil.

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