IIT Roorkee developed Dhadkan Mobile App to monitor health of heart patients


Students From IIT Roorkee have developed a mobile application called ‘Dhadkan’ for monitoring the health of people suffering from heart ailments and provide them with medical assistance in case of emergency. The app – developed by the Computational Biology and Translational Bioinformatics Laboratory of the IIT Roorkee – collects patient’s data (at any desired interval) on blood pressure, heart rate, and weight, and transmits it to the authorised caregiver (a doctor, nurse or paramedic) who is linked to the patient during the initial registration.

The app was developed by Somesh Chaturvedi, a B.Tech biotechnology fourth-year student, and Shreya Srivastava, a biotechnology Ph.D. first-year student. India has about 10 million patients at risk of heart failure. The app will also help in the surveillance of incidence, prevalence, and outcomes of heart failure.

The mobile app has been designed to be ‘easy-to-use’ so that people in rural areas can also benefit.

“Dhadkan app will be of immense help to patients who live in distant areas and cannot come at regular intervals to tertiary care hospitals,” said Deepak Sharma, assistant professor at the department of biotechnology, IIT-Roorkee

“In case, a patient moves from one city to other, he/she may change the doctor and get the assistance from new doctor in their own city as the moment a patient get registered with a new doctor through the app, the cardiologist would get all the medical history of that patient,” Sharma said, adding that the app would be used for conducting a randomised control trial on 100 heart failure patients at AIIMS to validate its utility.

Dr Sandeep Seth, professor cardiology at AIIMS, said the first version of Dhadkan was developed two years ago to record patient’s data and it helped significantly in the medical management of heart failure patients at the institute.Heart failure means that the heart isn’t pumping as well as it should. It is a serious condition, and usually, there’s no cure. But many with heart failure lead a full, enjoyable life when the condition is managed with medication and healthy lifestyle changes, said American Heart Association.

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