Karthi Chinna Babu Movie Review & Rating


Karthi Most Awaited Film Chinna Babu finally released this Friday.  After a long time, Karthi is coming up with a film set in a small village. He plays the role of a farmer in ‘Chinna Babu’ and there is decent buzz over this film. So Before going to me Checkout Chinna Babu Movie Review & Rating.

Story Plot: Chinna Babu (Karthi) is the last kid of village leader (Satyaraj) born after five daughters. He is a farmer and always wants to prove his profession as a respectful job. But he gets into a fight with a gang. How he fights against his enemies forms the crux of the story.

Karthi, of course, steals the show as a proud farmer hopeful of the state of agriculture in the country. He preaches about the greatness of farming and the need to embrace it, playing the down to earth family man with élan. His role in the film has given him a good chance to showcase his acting prowess. Soori’s comedy comes as a relief in a film loaded with family sentiment. The actresses in the film are okay, while Sathyaraj, Ilavarasu, Bhanupriya and other artists do a good job. Imman’s music and Velraj’s cinematography enhance the film in many a situation, while the editing could’ve been better.

The cinematography by Vel Raj is impressive. The editing is neat and decent. The music scored by Imman is good but the Telugu songs lost charm and life. The background score of the movie elevated the movie properly. The artwork is excellent. The production values of the movie are grand. The graphics and VFX work is also nice.


Chinnababu first half is decent, the second half is stuffed with a heavy dose of sentiment scenes. Overall, it is an average fare for the targeted family audience and others may find it difficult to absorb the sentiment. This rural family entertainer has some positive elements, only caters to the limited section of the audience.

Rating: 3/5

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