Kerala Professor Gets Backlash with Watermelon Protest for his Sexist Comments


Kerala Professor Jouhar Munavvir T of Farook Training College, made some sexist comments on Muslim girls and Hijab. This made everyone angry and started protesting against him. He reportedly said that Muslim girls are not wearing dress as per their religion as they are not covering their chests with hijab. This is like showing red part in a slice of watermelon. The professor at Farook Training College had allegedly made his speech during a family counselling with an audience some weeks ago.

Reportedly, the professor Jouhar commented, “I am teacher of a college where 80 per cent of the students are girls and of that, majority are Muslims. These girls are not wearing dress as per the religious tradition. They are not covering their chests with hijab. But showing part of it is like a slice of red watermelon being displayed”. This made everyone start protesting against him holding slice of watermelon.

While his remarks didn’t go down well with the students across the state, it triggered ‘watermelon’ protests in Kerala. The reports suggest, students of Farook Training College held a ‘watermelon march’ under the banner of SFI in the institution by holding watermelons in their hands and demanded strict action against assistant professor Jouhar Munavvir T. Several women took it to social media to condemn Jouhar’s remarks.

Facebook has pulled down the nude pictures and has blocked the accounts of the users. Notably, it has been a while when Malayalam actress Gilu Joseph was criticised for her breastfeeding picture as a cover photo of a Malayalam magazine. However, according to reports, Facebook has removed the pictures and has blocked the accounts of users posting such pictures in protest.

Rahana Fathima, Activist who posed topless said that, “My protest against the moral policing prevailing in the society isn’t something that started yesterday or today, but I have been raising my voice against it on social media and in my life for the past few years, in different ways.”

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