Look this Hyderabad man making miniature paintings on his nails for 25 years


Nail crafts and Nail art videos on Social media, in which young ladies design their nails wonderfully, are a customary event. But this Hyderabad man, Narahari Maheshwaram, is an artist who created 83+ miniature paintings on his own nails measuring height 35 mm.

Narahari grows his nails till they reach a certain length, then cuts them and paints them. And this has earned him recognition and admiration from far and wide over the last two decades since he began this unique journey. This 51-year-old man has been painting on his own nails for the past 25 years.

He has made it to the record books for a very specific reason! he has painted many miniature portraits of famous personalities, iconic monuments, buildings and sceneries on over 100 nails. His painting includes prominent Indian and International personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Dr. Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa & Michael Jackson.

In an interview, the artist, who is also a teacher at a private school, narrated how he got the idea of painting on his nails and what has kept him going. “The first nail I painted was 25 years ago. My dad and brother are also artists and I was inspired by them. Everyone who sees this art gets a bit of a shock. These are my own nails and I haven’t used anyone’s else’s because growing nails this long can take a long time — usually up to a year and a half,” Narahari said in a video feature by Barcroft TV.

Narahari has collected over 100 nails, of which he has painted on 85 till now. He cleans and applies oil on his nails regularly to maintain them. He also takes calcium tablets once or twice a month for strong nails. This Fine Arts graduate has also received a certificate from the India Book of Records for his beautiful nail paintings.

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