No Jeans, Jeggings, and Patiala at Patna Magadh Mahila College


Patna Magadh Mahila College bans college students from wearing Jeans, Jeggings, and Patiala on 5th December Magadh Mahila Colleg issued a circular which banned students from wearing jeans, jeggings and Patiala suits. The college will soon introduce a dress code for the students from January 2018. Moreover college officials also banned the use of mobile phones inside the campus premises and students found with a phone will be Fined of Rs 1000. Magadh Mahila College, affiliated to Patna University, is one of the oldest women’s college in Patna.

Talking To Media College principal Shashi Sharma defended said the dress code was suggested by none other than the students themselves in order to maintain uniformity in the campus. Justifying the dress policy,Sharma further said that the ban was necessary as the clothes worn by students were ’embarrassing’. “Muslim girls don’t wear jeans so they never objected. Dresses worn by Hindu girls were embarrassing,” she said.

Determined to keep the college away from the influence of western civilization and culture, Dr. Sharma said that Magadh Mahila College was not a modern college and she would like to keep it that way.

“We are very traditional in our thinking and approach and are far away from modern thinking. It will take us 50 years to get there,” she said. Back in 2013, the college had banned students from wearing sleeveless tops and t-shirts in order to “maintain decorum”. This not the first college to change the dress code. Last year, St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, had rolled out a notice banning ripped and torn jeans on campus. The ban was put forth after some professors complained about it. Commenting on the ban, the Principal Agnelo Menezes said, “We don’t allow sleeveless and short clothes on campus. Recently, we added ripped jeans to the list.”

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