O Panneerselvam Left Solo in his Camp While Others Abandoned him


O Panneerselvam Left Solo: Tamilnadu’s political crisis came to an end with Palaniswami taking charges as CM. As all the AIADMK MLA’s supported and signed to show the strength Palaniswami became the chief minister of Tamilnadu. While this was going, there is a person who has been abandoned by all the party MLA’s for now and left with some MP’s still supporting him and he is none other than, O Panneerselvam.

Previously he revolted against the party secretary, V Sasikala as she was leader for the party. He waited until the judgement day from Supreme Court as Sasikala was convicted in a Disproportion Assets case. The court ruling was heard two days ago and have been thinking of MLA’s coming to his side and support him. But none of them did. So he left as a solo in his camp as other rushed to CM’s swearing-in ceremony.

O Panneerselvam Left Solo and his House Came Under Attack:

During the swearing ceremony, O Panneerselvam’s house came under attack and there were stones which were thrown at his house. The men who attacked his house are suspected to be from the Sasikala’s camp. He told media and all his supporters that his fight against Sasikala and her family will continue and justice will be made. He also thanked his fellow supporters who were supporting him for these many days.

He said that, “Let us all together stop the party and government from going into the hands of a single family again. Let us form a people‚Äôs government again in sync with the aspirations of people. Till then, this struggle will continue. People are agitated that a government has been formed only on the basis of number of legislators forcibly confined in a place. The action to install such a government was without understanding the feelings of the people and party workers.”

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