Orthognathic Surgery Helped Women Close Her Mouth After Months


An 83-year-old resident from Pune who couldn’t close her mouth for months because of the jaw dislocation is now fixed. She couldn’t even eat food. Most of her food was liquified and was suffering from the past few months. The 83-year-old woman finally found relief after going through a complicated jaw surgery. She was unable to speak in the past few months after she dislocated her jaw while yawning.

Pune Mirror reported about this surgery saying, The Pune-resident, Vrinda Paranjape was starving, which led to weight loss and dehydration. When the doctors at Sahyadri Multispecialty Hospital examined her, she had a tremendous spasm of all mastication (chewing) muscles. The surgery was led by Dr Prasad Dadhe, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon of Sahyadri Multispecialty Hospital on Monday.

She was starving, dehydrating, soon leading to weight and muscle loss. Upon examination, doctors found that she already had spasm of all muscles of mastication, which compelled them to take her under general anesthesia. Her age proved to be a big risk factor and she was on the verge of developing cachexia. It was a tough procedure, however, the doctors were able to set it right.

Dr. Prasad Dadhe, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Sahyadri Hospital, said: “This forced me to administer general anesthesia. It was a risk considering her age and the cachexia. However, there was no option. It was really difficult to put her jaw condyles back into fossa, but finally, I could set it right.”

Dr. Dadhe added: “Paranjape’s jaw had locked following a dislocation after yawning. After getting it treated somewhere else, she approached us. Considering her age, she was going through a tough time. Her condition, where she could not close her mouth, was starved, dehydrated and she soon turned cachectic (weight and muscle loss).”

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