Pet Translator AI Technology Allow Human to Speak with Dogs in Less than 10 Years


Pet Translator AI Technology: There are many things which AI is accomplishing these days which humans are trying for years. Now, there is a new technology which came into light. Since many days there are ways that human is trying to interact with pets and now it is being a success and according to the reports, Humans can interact with dogs in less than ten years from now.

Human will be able to soon understand what dogs are saying and what is the intention behind the bark of a dog. According to animal behaviour expert Professor Con Slobodchikoff, this will soon change the way we talk to our dogs. He hopes his research, along with finding from other academics, will allow pets and their owners to speak using a ‘pet translator’ in less than ten years’ time.

Professor Con Slobodchikoff from Northern Arizona University, who has been studying the animals for more than 30 years, is trying to develop a new technology that interprets the calls of the prairie dog and it could eventually be used to interpret the calls of other animals as well. “I thought, if we can do this with prairie dogs, we can certainly do it with dogs and cats,” told Slobodchikoff in an interview.

The work is at an early stage and Slobodchikoff is currently collecting thousands of videos of dogs barking, growling and moving around, and using them to teach an AI algorithm about these canine communication signals. He also said that this technology could be fine-tuned so that humans could also talk back to animals and engage in proper conversation. The pet translator is expected to be out on the market within 10 years, according to an Amazon-sponsored report on future trends released last summer.

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