World Sleep Day : Social Media Affects Sleep Especially in Children


World Sleep Day is here to create awareness about the number of hours we sleep. Sleep is one of the important things that many might not get it for needed amount of time. A growing body of medical evidence links inadequate sleep with anger, anxiety, and sadness. A significant proportion of the adult population suffers from sleep problems which might result in insomnia. Children are no less predators than adults.

According to a study which published in a journal named Acta Paediatrica, the excessive use of social media can lead to reduced sleeping hours among children. SCIENTIST Conducted Research among the Canadian students aged between 11-20 years which revealed a dose-response relation between the excessive use of social media and the shorter sleep duration among the students.

Survey Results That 5242-participant study, 63.6% of individuals slept less than recommended, with 73.4% of students reporting that they used social media for at least one hour per day. Greater use of social media was associated with shorter sleep duration in a dose-response fashion among the students. Previous studies found poor sleep has been linked to poor academic performance, and those most likely to be sleep deprived were older teens, boys, those who did less exercise or had poor mental health. Do Read: Less Than Eight Hours Sleep Leads to repetitive negative thoughts

US and Canadian guidelines said those aged six to 13 should get between nine and 11 hours a night, those aged 14 to 17 eight to 10 hours and those at over 18 at least seven to nine hours to maximize overall health and well-being.The impact of social media is making children ‘need lessons in how to concentrate,’ it has been revealed.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput, of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute. He further added that electronic screen devices are pervasive in today’s society and they are just starting to understand their risks and benefits.

For all these above stated things, meditation is one of the best solutions to make it normalize your daily sleep.

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