Pawan Kalyan Says Amit Shah asked me to Merge Janasena Party into BJP


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan Opened up about BJP national president Amit Shah offer who has been branded as Modi’s right-hand man. During Pawan Meeting in Nellore districts revealed that BJP President Amit Shah made an offer to Merge Janasena Party into BJP. “Why would I Start Janasena if I would join BJP?”, Pawan Kalyan questioned.

Coming In Details “Six months after NDA (BJP and TDP) came into the power, Amit Shah had met me. He said to me there is no future for Regional Parties. He wanted me to merge the party. Once BJP had just two MPs, now they have over 370 MPs but things will not be the same always,” I gently refused,” Pawan revealed. Do Read: Film Critic Mahesh Kathi Controversial tweets on Pawan Kalyan

In Related News Pawan Kalyan Meets with victims of the boat accident near Vijayawada, which killed 21 tourists last month, the actor-politician met with families of the victims.

Speaking at the Meeting, Pawan Kalyan said, “Being a state Minister is not about sitting in a car with an escort and a beacon. It is about taking responsibility, whether you are MLA, MP or a Minister. You must make the people feel that you are there for them, otherwise you fail in your duties.”

“I request Tourism Minister Akhila Priya to come here once, speak to the people, understand their concerns, speak to officials like the Tourism Secretary, and chalk out an action plan to prevent this in the future,” he added.

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