Apple Release IOS 10 Beta 2 With New Software Features


On Tuesday, Apple released iOS 10 Beta 2, their next version of software for the mobiles which is IOS 10 Beta 2 version. This release hinted some new software features in the testing stage. The software is available to all the users with iPhone. Apple watch users can also try WatchOS 3 as well. This apple release iOS 10 Beta 2 version has some many added new features but still in a testing stage.

Features of Apple Release IOS 10 Beta 2 Version:

The new features include the Siri integration with third party applications but this feature can’t be tested because there are no apps which unfold the feature in the store. The beta version is always risky in everyday life as there may be some bugs which can slow down.

But an article from CNET describes that there are many bugs in the beta version. There are some situations where you can’t launch your favorite apps or even if the app is launched, there will be some broken links in the apps which can make you bit uncomfortable to use.

In past beta versions, there were many updates that disabled FaceTime, Wi-Fi or text messaging, or caused the camera to act goofy when taking photos. The reasons are just because it is not the final software. There is even a feature where you can downgrade to the official version so that you can make the mobile experience uninterrupted.