Colourful Google Doodle Celebrates Holi Bringing the Homepage Alive


Colourful Google Doodle Celebrates Holi: Google is the company which celebrates every festival with their doodle. Today, Google is celebrating the ancient Hindu festival with their colourful doodle which comprises of Pichkaris, the main tool that we see all over the country to spill colour. The Google Doodle depicts dhol players, those who love spraying colour through pichkaaris and those who colour others with traditional gulaal as well.

Gulaal is a colour which is a little pink but it is the one which stays out of all the colours.  The festival, which marks the end of winter and the coming of spring, symbolically shows the triumph of good over evil. The Holi Festival of Colours is the the age-old ritual marking the end of winter, the coming of spring, and symbolically, the triumph of good over evil as every other festival.

Characters in blue, red, yellow and green celebrating Holi replace the traditional Google logo. Holi also marks the time when friends and families come together to celebrate the joy of spring and cherish the festivity that comes with the rendition of spraying colour. Holi is celebrated by many with dancing to songs that celebrate the festival and eating food like gujiyas and drinking thandai.

The Google Doodle has been designed by Amrita Marino. The four main colors of Holi in the Google Doodle represent many different things that are in line with the festival. Red stands for love, yellow is the colour of turmeric, which is a powder used as an anti-septic, blue represents the Hindu god Krishna and green symbolises new beginnings with the coming of spring.

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