Google Jobs Website, Google Hire Launched to Take on Linkedin and Others


Google Jobs Website, Google Hire: Google has quietly launched Google Hire without any notice. Google hire is another Job portal which gives users the guidance to search for jobs just like Linkedin. Google Hire is apparently being used or being tested by a handful of startups and small tech companies. We don’t know how Google Hire is different from competitors like Lever, Greenhouse, etc.,.

Google is one of the companies which would know how the job system works along with the data that a user searches. So when a user search for a job position, Google will have the idea how these things work. In 2014, it got 3 million job applications per year, and hiring one out of every 428 applicants. Conceivably, Google Hire would include some, if not all, of the internal tools Google uses in its own hiring process.

Google Jobs Website, Google Hire Launched Opposite Job Applications Site:

Axios reported that, “Google Hire appears to have been built by the company’s enterprise and cloud division, led by former VMware founder and CEO Diane Greene.”  Technology companies that already have access to the new Google Hire include Poynt, SingleHop, DramaFever (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.), Medisas, and CoreOS.

A multitude of companies such as CoreOS – a specialised Linux distribution developer, Medisas – a medical software company, DramaFever – a video streaming website owned by Warner Brothers, and SingleHop – an IT services management company are already testing the service.

Google Hire could be direct result of the acquisition of Bepop, a startup focused on enterprise and productivity tools by Google in 2015. In fact, Bepop’s founder Diane Greene is currently in charge of the burgeoning job application website.

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