Nearly 40 Fake BHIM Apps in Android Play Store Confuse User


40 Fake BHIM Apps: Narendra Modi after introducing the BHIM app in play store, taking its name and image, there are many other apps which are making circles in play store. People doesn’t have the idea in the beginning which is the correct app and which is not. Nearly 40 fake BHIM apps were created and uploaded in Play Store with different names. Here is the overview of these Fake BHIM Apps in Android Play Store.

40 Fake BHIM Apps in Android Play Store Confuse People:

There are over 40 fake BHIM apps made available on Google Play store which are confusing people. Looking at them we can’t even decide which one is the official app to go ahead and install. So here is the guide and link to the original app which you can safely and securely download from Google Play Store. Just follow this article below and you will find a link to Download BHIM App.

Some of the fake apps found on Google Playstore are: Modi ka Bhim, Bhim Modi App, Bhim Modi, BHIM *99 USSD Banking, BHIM UPI Bank No internet, and Bhim Wallet among many others. The apps are so real that looking at the app after installing the app will be the same as the official app but doesn’t provide the original details of the users from the bank accounts. These apps may even compromise personal and financial security details of the people who unsuspectingly download them.

It’s a common thing to see fake versions of a new or popular app on Android, but fake versions of BHIM is bit more serious as it involves financial transactions and your private data. So guys be careful while installing these apps and make sure you see the publisher as “National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI)”.

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