OnePlus 5 Becomes Top Selling Premium Smartphone in India with 25 Percent Share


OnePlus 5 Becomes Top Selling Premium Smartphone: Indian smartphone market is huge and many of them are old users who wants to upgrade to a premium smartphone. OnePlus is such a smartphone which is in middle of the price between mid range and flagship. OnePlus comes with premium design and flagship features at a cost where most of the mid range smartphone end.

So, as a huge market, India becomes one such market for OnePlus which is a start up to become a good company to invest on.¬†According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) latest Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker 2017 Q3, OnePlus captured 12 percent share of the premium smartphone shipments in India during the first quarter and the share has more than doubled to 28 percent in just two quarters.

OnePlus 5 Becomes Top Selling Premium Smartphone in India:

The report adds that OnePlus strengthened its online market share as well, with a 62.2 percent market share of the in the premium online smartphone market in India. The OnePlus 5 was said to be the top premium smartphone in the country, with a 24.75 percent share. In terms of overall ranking, OnePlus grew 120 percent (YoY) during Q3 2017 and debuted at number eight in the list of top 10 brands in India in terms of value, the IDC report adds.

Vikas Agarwal, general manager at OnePlus, said, “Our focus on offering a premium smartphone experience and nurturing the bond with the fast-growing OnePlus community in unique and engaging ways, has helped the brand grow rapidly, while creating a distinct identity. “

He added, “Driven by the exceptional performance of our recent smartphones, OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T in particular, we are humbled by the market validation as the brand became the preferred choice for the digital savvy consumers looking for a premium smartphone experience. OnePlus is committed to prioritise user experience and offer best of the technology available by continuously innovating on the software as well as hardware.”

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