Snapchat Lens Portals Lets Users Travel to Elon Musk’s Space Tesla


Snapchat had a very bad week because of the update. But, a good news coming to users from Snapchat as it let users travel to Elon Musk’s Space Tesla and Starman. The lens after rolling out in the update gone viral and many of them wants to try the feature as soon as possible. Users can enter, see Starman, and walk right back out using the portal which will be created on screen.

The tech company’s latest filter gives users the ability to put a sort of ‘portal’ onto their Snapchat filter and once they walk through it, they’re in the middle of space watching the midnight cherry red Tesla Roadster flying through the cosmos with David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars?’ playing. SVRF Chief Executive and founder Sophia Dominguez told Mashable she wanted to get people to use their phones for something more.

She told the site her vision was inspired by M.T. Anderson’s book Feed, adding: “Everything is AR and VR. People have chips in the brains and it’s all advertising driven. When I read it, I freaked out. “That’s why I don’t have Facebook because Facebook is that future, but I love the imagination. I knew I wanted to work on whatever is the past the phone.” It’s not just their ‘Starman’ video that’s doing the rounds on social media, another that has gone viral is walking into a portal with two dancing Pickle Ricks from Rick and Morty.

Here is the video of a user testing the new filter.

Dominguez decided to apply for a pair as part of the Explorer program and then traveled the world, including Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Dubai, Goa, and Mumbai, with them. Now, at 25, she’s building SVRF, with a team of five out of an office in New York City. She’s raised $725,000 from angel investors, including Giphy founder Alex Chung, First Round’s Product Co-op, and Techstars.

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