WhatsApp Server Goes Down Before Clock Ticks 12 Entering New Year


Update: After being down for an hour, the instant messenger gets back online making it easier for everyone to wish their friends and family a Happy New Year.

WhatsApp Server Goes Down: WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger server went down just before the clock resets to 2018. Everyone looking at the messenger app to get over WhatsApp. Many people from different countries call to their family and friends to wish them a Happy New Year using WhatsApp is now adapting Facebook Messenger instead.

The messages which are being sent through the instant messenger are not being delivered. The cause of the disruption is unknown. When the issue occurred previously in early November, Downdetector reported over 7 000 reports from South Africa alone and the problem then was due to a problem on a server. It has also bee reported that WhatsApp experienced problems again later in the night. It’s been more than an hour and is not yet solved.

The twitter is going crazy as many people choose Twitter over WhatsApp as they don’t have any other option to communicate.

Some people really went down to comment on iMessage.

The outage appears to have hit much of the United States and some other countries like India.  Downdetector.co.uk shows the issue has spread across the globe, with users in the UK and Europe worst off. One wrote: “Messages won’t deliver. Can’t see when people have been online. This is my lifeline for my New Year plans. I’ve had to go old school and text and ring people.”

Another added: “Not working for me in the US. Refusing to connect to wifi or 4G.” The company previously warned the app would stop working on some phones at midnight, but many users are still hours away from 2018.

Several people used social media to vent their frustrations using the hashtag £whatsappdown.

One Twitter user wrote: “Nothing could’ve been better than whatsapp servers crashing on new year’s eve £whatsappdown £WhatsApp”

Another wrote: “Retweet if you’re checking Twitter to find out if WhatsApp is down £whatsappdown”

Another user said: “Open Whatsapp. Send message. Nothing. Airplane mode on. Airplane mode off. Nothing. Open twitter. See £whatsappDown. Find relief that it’s not just me. £HappyNewYear2018.”

A spokeswoman for the messaging service said: “WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved.

“We apologise for the inconvenience.”

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