Xafecopy Malware Steals Money from Android Mobile : How to Safeguard Your Mobile ?


Xafecopy Malware Steals Money: A new android Malware that was in 47 countries is now in India and is emptying bank accounts of the smartphone users. Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered this mobile malware, which targets the WAP billing payment method, stealing money from victims’ mobile accounts without their knowledge. This malware is capable of stealing money from a victim’s infected mobile phone.

Xafecopy Trojan has been detected in 47 countries and shockingly, 40% of the attacks were carried out in India. The Xafecopy Trojan is categorised as a malware because it gets side loaded along with other useful apps and then loads malicious code onto the device. Once the app is activated, the Xafecopy malware keeps tabs on webpages via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing — a form of mobile payment that charges fees directly to the user’s mobile phone bill — thereby siphoning money without ever getting noticed by the victim.

Xafecopy Malware Steals Money from Your Android Mobile

It is best not to trust third-party apps, and whatever apps users do download should be scanned locally with the Verify Apps utility. But beyond that, Android users should be running a mobile security suite on their devices,” said Altaf Halde, Kaspersky Lab managing director—South Asia.

The steps that you can follow to safeguard your mobile from this malware are:

  • Always keep to your smartphone updated with the latest firmware. Most companies send software updates — especially security patches on priority basis and always make sure to update them immediately
  • Make sure to use premium Antivirus software, which also provide malware protection and internet security
  • Never open emails sent from unknown senders
  • Never install apps from unfamiliar publishers
  • Install a reliable mobile security anti-virus and internet security app that keeps a check on activity.
  • Most of the telecom operators provide the option to disable WAP billing from the backend. Get the service suspended by getting in touch with a telecom operator.

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