India Vs Iran Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Finals Highlights – India Beat Iran 38-29


India Vs Iran Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Finals Highlights: India is in a swing over the Kabaddi World cup since last 7 years. This is the seventh consecutive time that India has won Kabaddi World Cup to claim the kings of Kabaddi. The championship is the one which they deserve. Iran was leading from the beginning until the half-time and then the table turned towards India who made it to the final whistle.

India Vs Iran Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Finals Highlights:

India won against Iran with a comfortable 38-29 lead. The win didn’t seem comfortable at the beginning but India clinched victory against Iran with a huge lead. Iran was leading at the end of first half with 13-18. But India in the second half came back very strong to build the necessary basement with the inspiring raid of Ajay Thakur.

The first raid started and Two points for India after Sandeep Narwal and Ajay Thakur start off with two raid points. Both defenses did their jobs pretty well. Iran with a slender 5-4 lead. There is nothing to choose between the sides right now. After that moment India were all-out. The Iran defense has given nothing away as their raiders have chipped away the points. The hosts need to fire or will end up in trouble. They need to change the momentum.

As the Half Time whistle was blown, Iran was leading 13-18. Indian raiders have been kept very quiet as the Iran defense has been on their guard. The hosts have defended well, but loss in numbers have given joy to the Iranians. India need someone to put their hand up especially in the raiding department. As of now Iran are heading for the title.

Second Half of Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Final Highlights Belong to India:

After the half time Indian players took charge and started to fly off with the colors. Second half starts with series of empty raids. Iran won’t mind that at all. India will have to go for it at some stage. Iran didn’t allowing any touch points for India. Maintaining a good number on the court. Indian defense unable to get regular points. India need a moment of inspiration from someone right now.

IRAN are ALL-OUT at a crucial moment. India roar back in style with a lead of 30-24. Ajay Thakur has inspired the home side with his performance. As teams take a time-out, India have regained the momentum. They now need to go for the kill and must not allow Iran a way back into the game. Ajay Thakur has turned this game on it’s head! Brilliant raiding skills on show. He is now the tournament’s most successful raider and easily the Man of the tournament if India win from here. Iran now need an Ajay Thakur moment or their chances are slipping away fast.

After this, the game is nine minutes away, Five minutes to go and India are on course for yet another Kabaddi World Cup title. Lead now 30-24. India sense an all-out. Ajay Thakur with a crucial two-point raid that earns India an all-out. Lead stretches to ten points and India have one hand on the trophy 34-24. After a Iran raid 35-27 the lead now. India get Meraj Sheykh out and there goes Iran’s chances of winning the World Cup.

India remained champs for the rest of the season with a 38-29 point win over Iran. India lift the trophy with joy.