Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Auction Day 1: Nitin Tomar Costliest Pick & Players Sold for What Price


Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Auction Day 1: Pro Kabaddi League got much attraction in the first season itself when celebs came into the act to buy a team and become owners. This is the fifth edition and everyone is looking forward for a good season ahead. Many players coming from outside India also has much demand. The auction of the fifth season of Pro Kabaddi League went with intense and costly picks from different franchise.

Four new teams have been introduced for this season thus making it a league of 12 teams. 131 new young players are part of the auction pool, and seven players were retained by the teams. The fifth edition of the Pro Kabaddi League starts in July 2017. Nitin Tomar becomes the costliest pick with a price tag of Rs. 93 Lakhs, he went to the team of UP.

The auction took place in New Delhi with over 400 players set to participate in the fifth season. Each franchise will be allowed to buy 18-25 players to form a team. Additionally, the squad is supposed to consist of 2 to 4 overseas players. More than 60 international players from 16 countries go under the hamme this year. Catch live updates from Pro Kabaddi League Auction for season 5.

Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Auction Day 1 – Players and Teams:

Bengaluru Bulls:

  • Rohit Kumar sold for Rs 81 lakh
  • Ajay sold for Rs 48.5 lakh
  • Ravinder Pahal sold for Rs 50 lakh
  • Ran Singh sold for Rs 47.5 lakh

Team Gujarat:

  • Mahendra Ganesh Rajput sold for Rs 25 lakh
  • Abozar Mohajermighani sold for RS 50 lakh
  • Sukesh Hegde sold for Rs 31.5 lakh

Jaipur Pink Panthers:

  • Selvamani K sold for Rs 73 lakh
  • Jasvir Singh sold for Rs 51 lakh
  • Manjeet Chhillar sold for Rs 75.5 lakh

Team UP:

  • Rishank Devadiga sold for Rs 45.5 lakh
  • Nitin Tomar sold for Rs 93 lakh
  • Jeeva Kumar sold for Rs 52 lakh
  • Rajesh Narwal sold for Rs 69 lakh
  • Suliema Kabir sold for Rs 12.6 lakh

Team Haryana:

  • CPO Surjeet Singh sold for Rs 42.5 lakh
  • Sonu Narwal sold for Rs 21 lakh
  • Mohit Chhillar sold for Rs 46.5 lakh
  • Khomsan Thoingkam sold for Rs 20.4 lakh


  • Shabeer Bappu sold for Rs 45 lakh
  • Nitin Madane sold for Rs 28.50 lakh
  • Kashiling Adake sold for Rs 48 lakh
  • Joginder Singh Narwal sold for Rs 25 lakh
  • Kuldeep Singh sold for Rs 51.5 lakh
  • Dongiu Hong sold for Rs 20 lakh
  • Yung Kono sold for Rs 8.1 lakh
  • Hadi Oshtorok sold for Rs 18.6 lakh

Puneri Paltan:

  • Cherlathan sold for Rs 46 lakh
  • Girish Maruti sold for Rs 33.50 lakh
  • Rajesh Mondal sold for Rs 42 lakh
  • Sandeep Narwal sold for Rs 66 lakh
  • Mohammad Maghsoudlou sold for Rs 8 lakh
  • Takamitsu Kono sold for Rs 8 lakh
  • Ziaur Rehman sold for Rs 16.6 lakh

Patna Pirates:

  • Monu Goyat sold for Rs 44.5 lakh
  • Sachin Shingade sold for Rs 42.5 lakh
  • Vishal Mane sold for Rs 36.5 lakh

Dabang Delhi:

  • Ravi Dalal sold for Rs 20 lakh
  • Nilesh Shinde sold for Rs 35.5 lakh
  • AbuFazal sold for Rs 31.8 lakh

Team Tamilnadu:

  • Amit Hooda sold for Rs 63 lakh
  • Anil Kumar sold for Rs 25.50 lakh

Telugu Titans:

  • Rohit Rana sold for Rs 27.5 lakh
  • Rakesh Kumar sold for Rs 45 lakh
  • Farhad Rahimi sold for Rs 29 lakh

Bengal Warriors:

  • Surjeet Singh sold for Rs 73 lakh

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