Canada Inviting People Who are Not Satisfied With US Elections Result


A big day for US to know its future. Tonight will tell you who is the next President, either Democratic Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. With the elections being on one side, Canada Inviting People Who are not satisfied with US elections Results. What you heard is true. If you are not happy with the US elections you can go ahead and stay in Canada and the country is inviting people from USA.

Canada Inviting People Who are Dissatisfied With US Elections:

There were many reports about people moving from USA to Canada and make a living there. The Canada’s population increased by 10 percent which were migrated US citizens. Canadians living in the US and even Americans considering heading to Canada have increased by 20 percent.

“They’re just coming over, ‘We’re looking to move over this way.’… People are actively looking for properties on this side of the border. They’re just coming on their own. We haven’t been advertising,” Gabe Valente of the Essex County, Ontario, real estate market, told USAToday.

After the first presidential debate, there was a significant increase in the amount of queries about Canada Immigration from American IP addresses. This show that people are ready to move to Canada and continue their life over in Canada. As quoted in IBT, “Around 12.3% of the more than 13.6 million people who raised the immigration queries were from the United States.”

Canada Inviting People from US to Stay in Canada:

“All applicants who apply to Canada’s immigration programs are treated equally no matter where they are from. Americans can emigrate to Canada, provided they meet the qualifications. There are a number of avenues that applicants for permanent residence can consider in order to immigrate to Canada,” Citizenship and Immigration Canada spokeswoman Lindsay Wemp said.