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Taramani Movie Review: Andrea Jeremiah Tamil Film Taramani Released This Friday Through Out Tamil Nadu in Limited Number of Theaters. Film Features Andrea and newcomer Vasanth Ravi plays Main lead roles in the film music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Taramani is produced by J.Sathish Kumar. It is said that the film will be on love and relationships in IT field and the interesting aspect is that Andrea will sport three different looks in the film.The movie has Theni Easwar’s cinematography and A Sreekar Prasad’s editing. Scroll Down Below and Check Out Taramani Movie Review & Rating.

Taramani’ has been produced by Catamaran Productions banner of Ram and it has been acquired by J.Sathishkumar of JSK Films Corporation. ‘Taramani’ will be releasing with an Adults only certificate and Ram has also clarified that it is a film that should be watched by adults.’Taramani hit the screens on August 11, 2017.

Taramani Movie Review & Story Plot

Production: Dr.L.Gopinath, JSK Film Corporation, Ram
Cast: Adrian Knight Jesly, Andrea, Anjali, Azhagam Perumal , Vasanth Ravi
Direction: Ram
Screenplay: Ram
Story: Ram
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Taramani’ stars Andrea and debutant Vasanth Ravi in lead roles. Anjali plays a cameo role. Azhagam Perumal plays an important role in the film. The freedom that women have started enjoying due to globalisation and how the men are stuck between conservative and modern mindset forms the crux of the story. Andrea Jeremiah plays an Anglo-Indian girl and Vasanth Ravi will be seen as her boyfriend. She has done the role of Alethea, a straightforward, strong and highly self-esteemed city girl, while the hero enacts the character of a village boy, who comes to the city.

Though the film is ‘A’ certified, there isn’t any visual disturbance as such, and the certification is only for the usage of cuss words. The film moves majorly on a narrative pattern, and that narration might not go well with a section of the audience. The film’s runtime of 150 minutes seems a bit long, as the film becomes draggy towards the climax.

Theni Eeshwar’s exquisite cinematography and Yuvan’s efficacious score contribute to lift the technical standards but as a film Taramani stands tall with the towering performances and radiant writing.On the whole Taramani is bold, daring and a poignant film from Ram.

Taramani Movie Rating & Verdict

Taramani Movie Rating :3/5

Taramani Movie Verdict : Taramani also attempts to remind people about how life should be lived – the need to empathise even with animals, the need to protect our ecology, the importance in letting others live. Go and Watch Film in Sliver Screens This Friday.

Mani‏: just now watched #Taramani with my frnd @Oviya4life & @ikannang we enjoyd lot bro! u rocks again @Director_Ram sir !proud to be a fan of Ram

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏: #Taramani interval – Won’t be surprised if andrea gets a national award for her performance !!

Ramesh Bala: #Taramani 1st Half : Brilliant so far.. Writing.. Acting.. Music.. Direction.. Everything.. A fine contemporary take on urban romance..

Sujith‏: #Taramani A brilliant take on modern day love, relationship, sex, corporate life and more. @Director_Ram piruchirukar. Dialogues
Brilliant. Dialogues pirichirukar. A realistic take on modern day lovers. @Director_Ram’s stamp in all d scenes.

Karthi‏: #Taramani – Good performances by vasanth ravi , andrea and @JSKfilmcorp shines as producer and actor as well
#Taramani – deals about male chauvinism and feminism with ram’s brilliant narration and dialogues ! Must watch for youngsters
#Taramani 1st half – Ram’s take on modern day relationship prblms with his typical dialogues. (18+)

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