Bengaluru Molestation Case: What all Happened that Night in Kammanahalli

Source: BangaloreMirror

Bengaluru Molestation Case: The incident which happened on New Year’s Eve was a shame to the whole nation. A woman who is walking on the street was groped and molested in public. This incident raised the bars of insecurity for women in India. There has a been a tremendous revolts against women being raped a few years ago when a girl got raped in Delhi and thrown her out of the bus naked on the road without any help.

What happened in Bengaluru Molestation Case?

There was a huge crowd in Bengaluru Downtown and many people gathered for New Year’s Eve. A young woman who was assaulted by two men on New Year’s Eve was filmed in a shocking security camera. The prime accused in the case, along with others, had been stalking the victim for a while before he molested her on Sunday.

The woman who had recently moved to Bengaluru city for her studies had fallen prey to these perverts. Many sources say that this incident is not at all a sudden act. One of the woman’s friends was staying near the arrested person’s house. The victim used to stay in her friends house in the previous one week and the person who molested her stay near that house where she lives.

The four used to hand around at one place near the eateries and tea stalls. One day Leno alias Lenin Patrick stopped her and said that he want to date with her which she rejected. The others are identified as are identified as Aiyappa alias Nitish Kumar, 19, Leno alias Lenin Patrick, 20, Sudhesh alias Sudi, 20, Somashekar alias Chinni, 24, all residents of Kammanahalli area.

Aiyappa and Chinni work for a famous food company as delivery agents. Here Aiyappa is the one who assaulted her that night and became the prime accused. On New Year’s eve, all were drunk and saw the girl alone walking on the road they thought this will be the best chance to have fun with random women.

But the one they got is the same girl who used to stay near their house. When they saw her in Auto-Rikshaw they challenged Leno to wish her New year and they started following her. However, Leno was scared to get close to her and Aiyappa sarcastically told him he would show him how a woman was to be greeted. This is what happened at 5th Main Kammanahalli Road on New Year.